20 Terms in Mobile Legends Frequently Used by Players

The euphoria of Mobile Legends is undeniable. Not a few who play game This MOBA, because game This is considered quite fun and addictive. Not to mention, Mobile Legends also allows players to meet new people and chat with new people when battle happen

Well, wait a minute battle that is, usually between players have a unique term that is often used when playing. If you are new to Mobile Legends and feel unfamiliar with the terms in Mobile Legends, you have come to the right place.

The Caris Signal team would like to discuss 20 terms in Mobile Legend that players often use especially for you. Let’s listen to the article.

1. AFK (Away from Keyboard)

Actually, this one term is not only popular in Mobile Legends. The reason is that the term AFK is often used in game online anywhere, MOBA, MMORPG and game online another. AFK itself stands for Away from the keyboard. What does it mean?

This means that the player temporarily leaves the game and will return as soon as possible. So, it is possible that the player has a brief business that requires him to leave “keyboard” or maybe leave gametemporary. Not that the players will off, the term yes pause The one before.

Because of this game onlineso there are no conditions pause Therefore, AFK is used to describe a player who leaves game Temporary.

2. CD (Cool Down)


These terms in Mobile Legends must also be known by players especially for you newbie (new player) in Mobile Legends. This CD means Cool Yourself.

So, when playing Mobile Legends, every character you use has skills unique and different. Skills This is very useful against enemies.

A little note, you can’t continue to use it skills because there are usage restrictions for players. Well, wait a minute skills run out, have a CD or cooling the body until skills can be reused. Period Cool Yourself It doesn’t take long, usually just a few seconds.

3. DPS (Damage Per Second)

Just like AFK, this term in Mobile Legend is not only popular among MOBAs game playerbut also among lovers game online.

DPS itself is Instant Damage where you need to pay attention to the amount damage a second that the player throws at the enemy. There are also terms continuous DPS. This means an attack that is made slowly, or gradually.

This is the difference between DPS and also burst damage. If burst damagea one-time attack, but the effect is instantly fatal (fatal) for your enemy.

4. Imba, Noob then OP

mobile legend imba_

One of the terms in Mobile Legends that is often used is home which means imbalance. This means that there is no balance between the players in the team. The balance point here is that one or a few players are too strong.

Besides there being no balance of power, sometimes the range of levels, core item, and an amount of money that is not commensurate with other players. This also sometimes creates the perception that the player with more power and more money is bound to win.

Further, NIH. Have you been told No or noob while playing? If so, please note that you are considered a new player.

In addition to being considered a new player, usually the player is called as No this is considered a bad game. Some also mean that No this means that the player geeky or cup. Yes, basically, Dear, rookies who aren’t good enough and cup.

Besides noob and home, there is also an OP term commonly used by ML players. OP does not mean operator, yes. OP’s own abbreviation is More Power. It can be seen from the abbreviation and you can guess yourself that this term refers to the player or hero which has far above average strength.

So, when you find a player or hero in Mobile Legend with a status and level that is significantly different from others, you can mention or mention the OP. This term is very inversely proportional to the term noob earlier, yes.

5. GG, Thumbs Up, BKB and GLHF

mobile legend bkb_

When the game is over, maybe sometimes you will find comments GG. Well, meaning GG or Good game this usually refers to the praise of the player, the team, and the game as a whole. So, when a team plays really well, it’s called GG.

Besides GG, sometimes there are some players who call it GGWP (Nice game, you played hard). This term also refers to the satisfaction and appreciation for the team, players, and games that have met expectations and the results are satisfactory.

If your game is good. Other players will say or say “Thumbs up”. This term is a compliment meaning thumbs up for the player.

On the other hand, if your game is bad, you can be called BKB. BKB is an abbreviation that also means ridicule. People calling this BKB is an insult to many players say, usually small children. Because BKB is short for Mostly Boy Bastards.

If a player says “GLHF”, don’t take it to heart. This is not a mocking sentence. GLHF is how players respect other players. This term is usually mentioned before and after the game.

6. KDA, MPV and Cancer

mobile legend kda_

There are other terms KDA, (kill, kill, help). This term refers to the value of each player’s game statistics taken from the number of kills (kill), help, and also death (death). In fact, this KDA also does not affect the player’s score after the end of the game.

However, if you want to know about the KDA value, then you can calculate it by adding kill and help After knowing the number, then divide by death.

If you manage to score a lot of goals after fighting, you are an MPV. This term refers to the player who is able to produce the highest score after the game is over.

MPV itself is short for A very valuable player. In Indonesian, the term can be interpreted literally as very valuable player.

If MPV scores the most, not with cancer. No, this is not referring to the word cancer, yes. In Mobile Legends, said cancer commonly used by other players on team members who are considered to contribute nothing.

Perhaps, you will be more familiar with the term ‘load’ in the team. Well, you can say, cancer used to refer to a player who is a ‘burden’ for not being able to contribute properly to the team.

7. Enthusiasts and Ganking

mobile legends ganking_

Buff is a term that refers to adding status from hero is being played. Added status hero This is very influential in the game because it can make a difference in the game and can even lead your team to victory.

Buff this is earned while playing Mobile Legends, not when starting the game. The way to get it is to kill crawling wilderness or “guardians” in the game zone.

after killing, hero that you play will experience an increase in status, such as an increase in physical attack and magic attack.

Well, if ganking is a term that refers to the in-game activity of killing enemies by surrounding them with your friends. This activity is a strategy that can benefit your team because your opponent is locked up and doesn’t get support from your friend

Ganging actually comes from the word gang. In its development, this term then refers to the term of doing an attack to kill an enemy that is not controlled by his friend. And this is done with your teammates.

8. Farming, Pushing and MM

mobile legend pushing_

Gardening come from farm. Farm synonymous with agriculture. Can be said, gardening is a farming activity. But in the world of MOBA games like Mobile Legends, the term gardening refers to the activity of looking for gold or gold. Find gold this can be done in the jungle or when kidnapping an enemy that makes a mistake.

Well, there is another term refuse, This refers to how to play in destroying the enemy’s last stronghold. In Mobile Legends, this term also refers to the activity of pushing incoming minion agro hallway.

The term MM is used to refer to type hero or roles played in Mobile Legends. MM himself means Marksman meaning shooter. Example hero MM is Layla, Miya, and Lesley.

9. Early, Mid, and Late Game

mobile legends late mid_

Term early game, mid gameand late game refers to the phase or time of the game that Mobile Legends players need to pay attention to.

Early game means the first moment of play until the third minute. From the third minute to the 10th minute, called mid game. Late game itself refers to the match time above up to 10 minutes to end.

Why pay attention to the time phase? Because of each phase, the two teams playing will play strategy to determine the strength.

For example in the middle phase of the game, the team with gardening optimal chance to kill the opponent or steal wilderness enemy Or a late game that indirectly requires both teams to have complete items with a minimal error role strategy. It aims to determine victory.

10. Core and Carry

core mobile legend_

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