5 Games Just Like Lost Life with No Less Challenging Missions

Lost Life is game which attracts attention game player. This game has game which is very fun and suitable to fill free time.

Bringing genre Riddle with horror stories, game it comes with some interesting features and good graphics. At the beginning of the game, you might think game it will contain zombies or monsters.

However, along game running, there are some violent scenes and sexual scenes that are not suitable for minors. it makes game it is banned in many countries and can no longer be downloaded either on the Play Store or the App store.

Well, maybe some of you still want to know about it game this. For this reason, the Caris Signal team tried to present some recommendations game similar to Lost Life that can be tried.

It’s a group game below is not 100% similar to Lost Life. But at least game and the storyline can treat your curiosity to play game Lost Lives. Check out the list below.

1. Dog Princess

Dog Princess present with game set in an interesting kingdom, interspersed with some mature content.

Games with this RPG genre tells your struggle to save a princess from the devil who kidnapped her. The princess has turned into a werewolf. Well, you will be asked to help him to turn back into a human. This is where some adult scenes will appear.

In game In this, you will fight many enemies to be able to complete each mission. Just like in other RPG games, you can develop your main character. In addition, you also need to raise skills of the character.

Which is the attraction game this is your interaction with other characters. Each interaction will give a different response.

2. Extra Life 18+

Extra Life 18+ came up with a similar concept to Lost Life. You will play a character who suddenly comes back to life. This character is in the body of a small child.

Well, in the new life of the character, you will try to finish things that were not finished in the previous life. One of them is to avenge death. Interestingly, how to take revenge in game it’s a little different.

Although it comes with a visual novel concept, game it offers quite detailed and colorful settings. You will find home front screen, living room, room to shopping area. Interestingly, every setting saves items useful and must be sought first.

You will interact with various female characters. Two of them are sexy moms and schoolgirls. Every action you choose will lead to an increasingly interesting plot. The various missions that are presented are also quite exciting even if they are embellished with adult scenes.

3. PP: Fun Girls Sims Kissing Game

PP: Fun Girls Sims Kissing Game comes with beautiful and cute anime characters. You will play as a lonely grown man. Well, deep game this you should try to find a partner.

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