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Alibaba Cloud Improves AnalyticDB, Can Create Your Own Generative AI

Alibaba Cloud has updated and enhanced its Vector AnalyticDB engine to make it easier for enterprises to access big language models (LLM) for building generative AI capabilities.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud is enhancing its cloud native data management and data services platform by introducing HTAP (Hybrid Transactional & Analytical Processing).

This HTAP technology is a dynamic solution in connecting PolarDB and AnalyticDB cloud native databases to provide accurate data processing.


Meanwhile, thanks to the AnalyticDB vector engine connected to LLM, enterprises can deliver question answering features supported by the capabilities of major language models. In addition, companies can also enter special knowledge into the database within 30 minutes.

The AI ​​model created through Alibaba Cloud leverages each company’s internal knowledge to create content with specific details from each company, thereby increasing business efficiency and innovation.

It’s no secret that building a generative AI model is an expensive endeavor. However, the company claims that its one-stop solution effectively lowers the hefty costs.

Interestingly, this service also offers strong data protection through Alibaba Cloud database management.

At the Alibaba Cloud Media Panel Discussion: Generative AI event in Jakarta on Tuesday (25/07/2023), Feifei Lei President of Database Products Business Alibaba Cloud explained that this service improvement is a step to meet customer demand for database services that can support AI model creation.


Furthermore, Lei emphasized that with the upgraded AnalitycDB database, it can enable its customers to take advantage of generative AI models based solely on its own knowledge base.

In addition, he also claims that every company’s data that utilizes AnalyticDB will remain safe, because data security is a top priority and also the focus of Alibaba Cloud.

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