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Similar to the iPhone 14, the Android 14 OS will have a satellite SMS feature

Satellite SMS is one of the superior features that is busy being discussed after Apple brought it to the iPhone 14 Series. However, Android users don’t need to worry because Google is reportedly releasing Satellite SMS on Android OS 14.

quoted The telephone from Phone Arena on Sunday (23/7/2023), this information was first leaked by the Twitter account @GooglePixelFC, which is an account for Pixel smartphone fans.

The anonymous account explains that Satellite SMS will be present on Android via the Android 14 OS which is currently being developed. Later the first series to get this feature will be Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy.

“SMS Satellite will be added to Android, and requires compatible hardware, it’s up to the manufacturer. Pixel and Galaxy will be the first to have it,” tweeted Google Pixel FC.


There is no official information from Google or Android regarding this issue. Even so, the boss of Samsung Mobile TM Roh had hinted that the Samsung Galaxy could be supported by this feature.

“When there is the right time, infrastructure and technology [sudah] ready, then of course for Samsung Galaxy, for our mobile division, we will also actively consider adopting this feature,” said TM Roh.

Hopefully Android smartphones like Pixel and Galaxy can get this feature. Because the Satellite SMS function will help them communicate.

On the iPhone 14, this feature allows users who encounter an emergency situation in an area with no cellular signal, to connect to an orbiting satellite to report the situation to the Apple Replay Center.


The Apple Replay Center then alerts emergency service providers to get the help they need in an emergency.

This feature has helped iPhone users, one of whom was a man who was rescued after being stranded in Alaska. In another incident, two women were rescued after being stranded in British Columbia. [NM/IF]

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