Apart from ePSXe, here are 5 PS1 emulators on Android that you can try

PlayStation 1 or PS1 games are timeless. Games old school games on 32-bit consoles are still very interesting and fun to play, even today. Some titles game Notable PS1s are Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Nascar Rumble, Tekken, the Winning Eleven series and more.

For those of you who want to recall, there is no need to be confused, OK? Now, you can use PS1 emulator on Android to play game your favorite The Caris Signal team will review some PS1 emulators on Android. What are they? Here is the list.

1. RetroArch

RetroArch you can expect to run game PS1 only classic. There are various types of applications available core for various consoles, including the PS1. core it works like ‘pair’ which will help run various game from a specific console. According to maketecheaser, core it is specially made for RetroArch itself.

So, after trying to install RetroArch, the Caris Signal Team found that there were several options core which can be tried for PS1. Two of them are Beetle and DuckStation. Caris signal team trying to play game Classic Bishi Bashi with RetroArch.

retroarch 1-side_

Caris signal team tried to run game this with some core which can be downloaded through options online updater. Unfortunately, that successfully loaded game only core DuckStation only. The rest, there is accident and it won’t load game at all. This can be caused by many things, including missing some file specifically, like the BIOS.

However, game this classic can be played smoothly. Just for additional information, inner part the mobile phone you use affects the course of the game, yes. The Caris signal team tried to test RetroArch using mobile phones middle distance by chipset Exynos 1280, with Mali G-68 GPU and 8 GB RAM.

Caris signal team also tried to run game Crash Team Racing by using core beetle. results, game can run smoothly even if there is a little left behind and some configuration needs to be reset.


  • Complete configuration. Starting from graphics, controls, core all can be customized
  • There is a Netplay feature to play with mods multiplayer regularly online
  • Simple appearance, similar to PlayStation Portable
  • Multiple platforms (Can be used on Windows, MacOs, Linux, iOS and Android PC/laptop)
  • Can be used to play game Nintendo DS, GameBoy, GameCube, Atari, SEGA and so on
  • Free and no ads
  • Can be connected with an external controller


  • Quite complex for beginners
  • Sometimes not all core works normally while running game for sure



EmuBox is another PS1 emulator you can try. This emulator is very simple, including in terms of appearance, controls and configuration. Its size does not exceed 50 MB. This emulator allows you to play game PS1 easily. You can add PS1 ROMs manually or depending on the ROM scanner owned by EmuBox.

The Caris Signal team tried out EmuBox by playing game Crash Team Race. We are satisfied with the result, because this emulator is capable of bulbs game car racing without left behind at all. We also tried to install an external controller to facilitate game control. As a result, our controller can work properly in EmuBox.


There are several settings options that you can customize. Among them are video, audio, CPU, controller, display screen, user interface, up to the memory card. All these options are easy to access and understand. You can set it directly when game continuous.

So, what makes the Caris signal team even happier is that there are options cheat code in EmuBox. We try the code cheat this is in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. There are many code options cheat Harvest Moon: Back to Nature that can be used tau. Interested in trying?


  • Simple and easy to handle
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Can be used to run Nintendo games
  • The settings options are quite complete
  • There is a code cheat
  • Can use external controller
  • The touch control display is similar to the DualShock 1
  • Can work without an internet connection (offline)
  • Equipped simulated BIOS
  • Free


  • There are a lot of ads that pop up
  • A number game still experiencing left behind

3. DuckStation


Next, there’s DuckStation. yes, DuckStation has its own emulator that you can try on Android. After the Cari Signal team tried it, this emulator was able to try it game our favorite well. Games like Tekken 3 and Crash Team Racing that we’ve tried on competing emulators can be eaten well by DuckStation.

DuckStation itself presents many interesting features. One of them is choice rendering with Vulkan and OpenGL. In a way, the feature itself is similar to AetherSX2, the popular PS2 emulator on Android. User interfaceit is also similar to an emulator.

In terms of controls, DuckStation allows users to attach an external controller or rely on an on-screen controller.

True to its claim, DuckStation can be run game The PS1 works well on mid-range phones and entrylevel even once. While playing, there are almost no problems left behind what we experienced.


  • Simple and easy to handle
  • Pass for beginners
  • Wide selection of graphics, audio, video and CPU settings
  • Available game/ROM scanner
  • Can use external controller
  • Free and no ads


  • you have to do mapping/binding external controller manually
  • Nope simulated BIOS



PS/PS2/PSP The launched Gamer Home will also help you reminisce by playing game Classic PS1 on Android. This emulator uses core than several other emulators, one of which is RetroArch.

PS/PS2/PSP can run game PS1 well and without noticeable hiccups. External controllers can also be easily connected to this application. You can insert a ROM game manually, or scan them automatically. Unfortunately, the settings on PS/PS2/PSP are very limited. You can only do a simple configuration.

Even so, this makes this PS/PS2/PSP emulator suitable for those of you who don’t want to bother with complicated settings. Not only can play game PS1, PS/PS2/PSP can devour game other consoles, such as Wii, Nintendo DS and PS2.

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