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More Viral! Begini Cara Bagikan Spotify Wrapped 2022 ke Instagram

Social media is enlivened by Spotify Wrapped 2022 content. Internet users are busy uploading their Spotify playlist history on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, to Twitter via Wrapped 2022.

Wrapped 2022 is the music platform’s way of demonstrating the unique habits of Spotify’s 381 million users in listening to songs or podcasts. Wrapped is available to free and premium users on both the Spotify iOS and Android apps.

In Wrapped 2022, the top podcasts and songs users always listen to will be combined into personalized, data-driven playlists specially curated by Spotify’s editorial team.

Later users will see information such as Soundtrack 2022 which contains the top 3 songs that are mostly listened to at certain moments. Furthermore, there is also information about how many minutes users listen to audio content on Spotify.

This is followed by information on the top 5 songs that are often listened to, the top 5 musicians, the top 5 music genres, the top 5 podcasts, how long users listen to Spotify, and so on.

All of this information is contained in short video content that can be shared on social media. Since 2019 this feature has existed and always catches the attention of users at the end of the year.

Many have shared their Spotify Wrapped 2022 on social media such as Instagram Stories, Twitter and Facebook.


It is hoped that posts on Instagram et al can become a reference for other users to get good songs or podcast content.

Cara Bagikan Spotify Wrapped ke Instagram

Opening and sharing Spotify Wrapped 2022 to social media is not difficult. Because the feature is already available, on Spotify and you only have to follow these few steps to enjoy the Wrapped 2022 feature and share it on social media.


  • Enter the Spotify app or visit
  • Choose a banner Your 2022 Wrapped or Your 2022 Flashback on the application homepage.

  • If the banner doesn’t appear, try typing Wrapped into the search bar, where Wrapped 2022 should appear at the top.
  • Once logged in, you will find their Wrapped stories which contain unique information about the listening experience, such as top artists, top songs, podcast top, genre, and total minutes spent enjoying audio content in all of 2022.
  • You can share this information on social media by clicking Share This Story at the bottom, and select a platform. You can share it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 1

  • To share all the information in one post, please wait for Wrapped to end and click Share in the below section.

Spotify Wrapped 2022

This is information on how to view Wrapped 2022 and share it on social media. Hopefully the information is useful and good luck. (NM/MF)

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