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How to shop online on the WhatsApp application, easy and fast!


Online shopping can now be done through the WhatsApp application. Without needing to leave the application, they can chat with traders, then shop for goods as needed.

So far, to shop online, usually using online shopping applications and social media such as Facebook and Instagram. While WhatsApp is only considered as a short message application for communicating.

However, WhatsApp is now improving by making it easy for users to shop. This Meta-owned application allows users to easily search for WhatsApp Business accounts that have been verified by WhatsApp.

You do this by using the Business feature. Through this feature, users can easily find sellers who have WhatsApp Business accounts. Simply write the WhatsApp Business account name and chat with that account.


To make it even easier, WhatsApp also provides recommendations for Business accounts that are located close to the user’s home. Next, please shop, choose the items according to your needs, and make a payment transaction.

The Business feature is available in several countries such as England, Colombia, Indonesia and Mexico and Brazil. Specifically for Brazil, users will get an expanded version that reaches MSME actors.

How to shop online on WhatsApp

The Business feature is already available in Indonesia, and is only available on Android and iOS. For those who are curious about how to shop online on WhatsApp, here is the complete tutorial for you:

  • Open the WhatsApp application on an Android or iPhone cellphone.
  • Open a contact by pressing the white and green icon at the bottom right of the application.


  • Select a feature Business or Business which has a shop icon.

Shop on WhatsApp

  • Look for the WA Business account name in the column provided.

How to Shop WhatsApp Business

  • If you have found it, chat with the WhatsApp Business account and enjoy shopping online via WhatsApp.

As information, during the tutorial, the store recommendation feature based on the user’s location did not appear. Maybe it’s because this is just an early stage, so this feature isn’t available to all users yet.


Well, that was information about how to shop online on WhatsApp via the Business feature. Hopefully this information is useful, especially for those of you who like to shop. [NM/HBS]

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