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How to Register and Use Telkomsel PayLater, Complete Tutorial!

Telkomsel collaborates with Kredivo to officially launch a digital financial solution service Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Telkomsel PayLater. Here’s how to register and use the Telkomsel PayLater service.

Telkomsel PayLater offers a variety of superior features that make its use more complete, easier and more certain for all Telkomsel customers.

Telkomsel PayLater allows customers to make transactions for a variety of digital products and services available on MyTelkomsel, starting from purchasing credit and data packages for Prepaid Telkomsel customers and purchasing Telkomsel Orbit internet data packages.

Not only that, there is also the purchase of digital entertainment data packages such as Netflix and Amazon Prime for those of you who like to watch streaming content on these two applications.


For this buy now pay later service, customers will also benefit from 0% interest when paying off payments in less than 30 days.

Then, Telkomsel PayLater provides an easy registration process to the transaction mechanism through the MyTelkomsel super app.

Telkomsel PayLater is also a BNPL digital financial service solution whose safety is guaranteed because it is fully supported by Kredivo which is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

During the promo period until 31 December 2022, new Telkomsel Paylater customers can get cashback 50% up to IDR 50,000 in credit.

How to Register and Use Telkomsel PayLater

Telkomsel PayLater is expected to open a seamless payment experience seamless and give customers the freedom to continue doing various digital activities as much as they like.

Telkomsel will continue to develop and improve features, products and services at Telkomsel PayLater so that it can continue to be relevant and become a comprehensive digital financial service solution for customers.

For customers who want to use this service, here’s how to register and use Telkomsel PayLater.

1. How to Register Telkomsel PayLater

For those of you who don’t have a Kredivo account, please create a Kredivo account first in the following way:

  • Download the Kredivo application on the Google Play Store and App Store.
  • Follow the steps for registering an account on the Kredivo application.
  • Send the requested data and wait for approval from Kredivo.
  • Later you will get a notification of submitting Telkomsel Paylater by Kredivo.
  • You can start buying digital products with Telkomsel Paylater.

However, for those who already have a Kredivo account, the method tends to be easier because you only need to enter your Kredivo account name and password when you want to make a transaction using Telkomsel PayLater.


2. How to use Telkomsel PayLater

How to use transactions using Telkomsel PayLater, is not difficult. You only need to do these steps, to be able to buy various service products on MyTelkomsel.

  • Open the MyTelkomsel application on your smartphone.
  • Press feature Shopping which is at the bottom of the app.

  • Select the desired digital product, such as data and credit packages.

cara paylater

  • Check the package details again and tap Buy it.

how to register telkomsel paylater

  • Choose a payment method Telkomsel Paylater and click Buy it.

how to register Telkomsel PayLater

  • Enter your Kredivo account by entering your Kredivo account username and password.
  • Choose a tenor of 30 days.
  • Check the transaction details again on the payment page.
  • Enter the OTP code, then click Pay.
  • Transaction completed. Your purchases will be automatically added.

3. How to Pay Telkomsel PayLater Bills

Transaction invoices made using Telkomsel Paylater will automatically be included in Kredivo bills. Please make a bill payment like making a Kredivo bill payment.


  • Enter the Kredivo application, select Transaction then Pay. Select the Telkomsel PayLater transaction to be paid.
  • If you don’t do the 1st step or select a transaction to be paid, you will see the total of the entire bill when paying.
  • Make payments through the selected channel, and each service offers different payment options. For example, BCA and Permata users can enter the amount they want to pay themselves.
  • Then Mandiri, Indomaret and Alfamart users must do step 1 to pay for certain transactions only.
  • Especially for payments through Alfamart, you can only make 1 bill payment per day.
  • You can also pay Kredivo bills through Tokopedia. Open the Tokopedia website or application, then select Payments & Top Upsand select Credit Installments.
  • If you receive a payment reminder email and only want to pay the invoiced amount in the email, you must do step 1.

As information, if there is a service fee that must be paid by the customer. You will be charged a service fee of IDR 1,500 and an admin fee of 1% of the total product price and service fee.

For example, you bought the OMG! subscribe with a transaction value of IDR 300,000. Then you will be charged a service fee of IDR 1,500 and an admin fee of 1% of IDR 300,000 + IDR 1,500 = IDR 3,015.


So that your total bill will be IDR 300,000 + IDR 1,500 + IDR 3,015 = IDR 304,515. This is complete information on how to register and use the Telkomsel PayLater application. Hopefully this tutorial is useful and good luck. [NM/HBS]

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