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Here’s How to Claim the Latest Free Games on Epic Games Stores


Every month Epic Games always distributes free games for gamers who have registered on the service. On this occasion, we will share ways to claim free games on the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games is a digital-based game provider service for the Windows and macOS operating systems. Epic Games is available in the form of a website and also an application launcher that can be installed on your PC or laptop.

Every month Epic Games provides games for free to different gamers, in fact these services often provide games that are quite popular among gamers, such as Grand Theft Auto V, Death Stranding, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and many more at Every month.

Apart from the games above, Epic Games also provides a very well-known competitive game, namely Fortnite.

So, for those of you who are curious about how to redeem games for free at the Epic Games Stores team The telephone will give tips.


How to Claim Free Games on Epic Games Stores

Every month the Epic Games service provides various free games for gamers. Here’s how to redeem games on Epic Games.


For information, the games given each month are different. However, if you have claimed the game, the game will be immediately saved in your account library.

So, that’s the way to claim free games on the Epic Games service. Hopefully this information can be useful and useful for you, friends! [FY/HBS]

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