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How to Cancel Sent Emails in Gmail


Sending emails on Google Mail or Gmail sometimes go wrong which can be detrimental to us or the email recipients. However, now you can fix the error because there is a way to undo a sent email in Gmail.

Activities to send e-mails are generally formal in nature, such as sending files for work or sending study assignments for those of you who are still students or students.

It’s just that, in daily practice, there are often unpleasant incidents when we send messages or e-mails. For example, the file sent turns out to be wrong, or incomplete.

In fact, you may even send an email to the wrong address. These various “disasters” are certainly very upsetting and can be self-defeating. Fortunately, in Gmail there is a feature that can solve this problem, namely the feature Undo Send.

This feature will appear when you send an email, and can be used if the email sent turns out to be wrong. So that way, the email will automatically cancel being sent to the recipient’s address.


How to Cancel Sent Messages in Gmail

This tutorial is quite easy, because you only need to do a few steps to do this tutorial.

  • Open Gmail on your PC or laptop and login to your email account.
  • Select Settings which is in the upper right, with the cogwheel icon.

  • Click See All Settings enter into a more complete email settings menu.

how to cancel gmail

  • There will be many menu options, and you choose Undo Send. This feature will give a maximum of several appearances, after the email is sent. Later you can use it, to cancel the email. Please select the longest duration, which is 30 seconds.

The Gmail way

  • Press Save Changes for this feature to be active.
  • Now we try to use the Undo Send feature. You do this by sending an email as usual. Emails can contain only text, but are also accompanied by supporting files.
  • After the email is sent, a feature will appear Undo which only appears 30 seconds after you send the email. Click features and the email was canceled.

How to Cancel a Gmail Email


Okay, that’s how to cancel emails that have been sent in Gmail. Hopefully useful and good luck. [NM/HBS]

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