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How to Make a WhatsApp Call Link, Can be for Online Meetings!


WhatsApp has a WhatsApp Call Link feature or Call Links, to make it easier for users to communicate. Here’s how to make a WhatsApp call link or link, whether audio or video call.

Call Links is a feature that allows users to invite other users to chat by sharing a chat link with them. Later those who get the link can join to chat on WhatsApp.

This feature is suitable for those who want to hold online meetings or just chat with friends or family, because this feature can make calls with a maximum capacity of 32 users.

In addition, calls will be supported by end-to-end encryption technology, so that security is guaranteed. Then there is no time limit while making calls on Call Links.

Users don’t need to worry that usage time will run out, because they can chat for hours in the room. In other words, this feature can be an option for those who want to have online meetings, study online or just chat casually with friends or family.


How to Make a Call Linkan WhatsApp

How to make a call link on WhatsApp can be done on Android or iOS. It’s easy and here is the full review for you:

  • Make sure to update the WhatsApp application, because this is a new feature so you need an application update to get it.
  • Open the WhatsApp application and select Calls at the top right.

  • Select the menu Create a Call Link which has a green icon.

How to Create WhatsApp Call Links

  • Select Call Type what to do. Do you want audio only calls or accompanied by video.

WhatsApp Call Links

  • Then share the link. You can choose Send link via WhatsApp, Copy link or Share link to share the link with other users.

Link WhatsApp

  • Later the form of the link will be like the one below and the recipient of the message just clicks Join Calling. Please be aware that the WhatsApp call link will expire if not used for 30 days.

How to WhatsApp Link


This is information about how to create a WhatsApp call link. Hopefully useful and good luck. [NM/HBS]

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