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How to Make a Spotify Instafest for a Music Festival Poster

Netizens on Instagram and Twitter are busy posting their Spotify Instafest style. For those of you who are curious about this service, here’s an easy way to make Spotify Instafest.

Currently, Instagram Story is filled with netizen posts about Spotify Instafest. Music festival poster which lasts for 3 days, and filled with various musicians and bands from around the world.

However, don’t be fooled by their posts and think that it’s a real music festival. The reason is that it is only a poster that can be made by Spotify users.

Meanwhile, Spotify Instafest is a site that allows Spotify users to create music festival posters based on the songs that users listen to the most.

Spotify Instafest was created by a University of California student named Anshay Saboo. This site says that users only retrieve data for songs that are often heard, not other data.


How to Make a Spotify Instafest

Creating a Spotify Instafest is super easy. You only need to carry out various stages, starting from how to create it to posting your style Instafest on social media such as Instagram and Twitter.

  • Open the web browser application on your cellphone or computer, and enter the Spotify Instafest site at
  • Select the green button that is on the front page with the inscription Sign in with Spotify which is at the bottom.

  • Login to your Spotify account and give access permission for Instafest. Next, read about what data is collected by Instafest, and if you agree, click the green icon that says Agree.

how to make a viral music festival poster

  • Instafest will automatically create festival posters based on your taste in music. In order for the poster to display more optimally, please edit the poster by selecting All-time on the menu Customizeso that the poster displays a list of musicians you hear frequently.
  • Choose the poster style as you wish Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight and Mojave Dusk on the menu Choose a Style.
  • The final touch, write the name of your homemade music festival on the menu Name your festival.

how to make Instafest

  • This is roughly what the music festival poster made by Instafest looks like. To share this poster on Instagram or Twitter, click the menu Download which is on the lower left.

How to make spotify

  • Then open the Instagram application, select it Story or Story and enter the poster as Story content. Last step click Share Your Storiesand your festival poster will also be seen by other Instagram users.

Share Instafest to Instagram Story


How easy is it? That’s all the information on how to make Instafest and good luck with your own version of a music event poster. [NM/HBS]

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