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Dear Netizens, Here’s How to Make a Twitter Wrapped 2022

Twitter netizens are busy posting their own versions of their Twitter Wrapped 2022. Those of you who are curious or want to follow the trend, here’s how to make Twitter Wrapped.

Trends in social media like Twitter are changing. However, if the trend goes viral, it can be seen that many netizens are posting content or discussing the same topic.

For example, the Twitter Wrapped 2022 trend. The name of this trend is similar to Spotify Wrapped, where Spotify provides a report on which songs and musicians each user listens to the most.

While Twitter Wrapped is similar to the one on Spotify. The difference is, Twitter Wrapped is an accumulation of user tweets throughout 2022 which will be displayed in the image of a sparrow, aka the bird that has become the symbol of Twitter.


Later, along the bird’s body, there will be user tweets in 2022. Then, the Twitter Wrapped feature is not an official feature of Twitter. This feature is available on the website.

Please note that this site will only retrieve your tweet data that is on your Twitter account. The site does not collect other personal data on Twitter such as telephone numbers, birthdays or passwords from your personal Twitter account. So the site is classified as safe for you to access.

How to Make Twitter Wrapped 2022

The way to make Twitter Wrapped 2022 is not too difficult. It only takes a few steps before your version of Wrapped 2022 is finished. Here are the steps:

  • Open a browser, and visit the site on your smartphone or laptop. Another way is to open Google Search, write Flom App and click on the site, which is in the top search.


  • Select Order Form located below to start creating a Twitter Wrapped.
  • Enter username your Twitter account and color backgrounds The selected. Next click Order For Free.

How to Make Twitter Wrapped 2022

  • Wait a few moments and Twitter Wrapped is done.
  • Please download the image and post it on Twitter or other social media.

Twitter Wrapped 2022

This is information on how to make Twitter Wrapped 2022. For those who are interested, please try it on your smartphone or laptop. [NM/HBS]

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