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How to Prevent Accounts from Being Added to Unknown WhatsApp Groups


WhatsApp groups can be used for various negative actions such as spreading hoax and fraudulent content. Therefore, here’s how to prevent your WhatsApp account from being easily added to an unknown WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp groups were created to make it easier for users to communicate. We can communicate directly with several other users without the need to chat with them one by one.

This is what makes WhatsApp groups widely used for work, school and family activities. Unfortunately there are also unscrupulous WhatsApp users who create groups for unclear purposes.


We may suddenly be invited into a group, in which we do not know. The situation becomes even less comfortable when the occupants of the WhatsApp group take actions that are unethical, even potentially criminal.

For example, spreading hoax content, hate speech or carrying out acts of blowing. To prevent such actions, you can protect your WhatsApp account so that it is not included in the group.

You do this by activating the account privacy settings, so that your WhatsApp account does not automatically enter the group. By activating the privacy settings, you will need to agree beforehand whether you want to join the group or not.

How to prevent accounts from entering unknown groups

The method is not too difficult. You only need to activate the privacy settings feature on your WhatsApp account, to prevent you from entering into unknown groups that can even harm yourself.

This method is not only available in the WhatsApp application on Android and iOS. You can do this via WhatsApp Web. Here’s the full tutorial:


  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Select the 3 dots at the top right and click Suit.

  • Press feature Privacy and swipe down on the screen, then select group.

prevent group inclusion

  • Then choose who can add you to the group. First option EveryoneThen My contact and My contact except. Especially for this third option, you can set anyone’s WhatsApp account that can’t add you to the group.

WhatsApp group method

  • Now this feature is active. Later, when someone is assigned to a certain group, you will not automatically enter.
  • However, a kind of message will appear via chat so you are free whether you want to join or not. You can even ask the group admin about the group, and it looks something like this.

Unknown Group Example

This is information about how to prevent a WhatsApp account from being added to an unknown group. Hopefully this is useful for maintaining the privacy of your account. [NM/HBS]

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