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How to Convert Telkomsel Points into Trees, to Reduce Carbon Emissions!

Telkomsel launched the program Carbon Offset to customers. Through this program, Telkomsel customers can exchange their Telkomsel Points for tree seeds which will later be planted at several points in Indonesia.

Program Carbon Offset is part of Telkomsel’s CSR action Take Care of the Earth. Carbon Offset present because of the condition of carbon emissions, precisely greenhouse gas emissions in Indonesia which continue to increase.

Based on the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report (GHG) and Monitoring, Reporting, Verification (MPV) released by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) in 2021, Indonesia produces greenhouse gas emissions of around 1.86 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in year 2019.

Cumulatively, the national greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 increased significantly compared to the total emissions in 2010, namely 809.9 million tonnes of CO2e.

Based on that, Telkomsel and Jejakin decided to launch the program Carbon Offsetnamely a program to save the environment with the aim of absorbing carbon emissions on Earth.


The form is by planting trees, because trees can absorb carbon emissions in the air. In Carbon OffsetTelkomsel invites customers to participate in this tree planting program.

You do this by exchanging Telkomsel Points for tree seeds. The plan is for the Carbon Offset program or tree planting to be carried out by Telkomsel and Jejakin not only to be carried out at the Mangrove Park, but also at 8 other points in Bali, West Kalimantan and Central Java.

Tree planting will be carried out every 3 months, and Telkomsel customers can also get information about Telkomsel program reports Carbon Offset via e-mail.

To get reports progress update and monitoring Periodically via email about the tree they contributed, customers can fill in the customer’s name and email data in the short link that will appear on their Telkomsel Points notification SMS.

How to Exchange Telkomsel Points with Tree Seeds

How to exchange or redeem Telkomsel Points with tree seeds, in the program Carbon Offset very easy. Later, in addition to exchanging points, you will receive education about carbon emissions, and be able to calculate the carbon footprint emitted every day.


All of these processes are carried out through the MyTelkomsel application and here is the complete method for you.

  • Open the MyTelkomsel application at smartphone.
  • Scroll down the screen and click the banner Telkomsel Take Care of the Earth, Carbon Offset which is green.

  • Please read about carbon emissions, and after reading please click Calculate Carbon Footprintto calculate the total carbon footprint you produce.

How to Exchange Carbon Emission Points

  • Read again about this feature, and click Start Calculation.

how to exchange telkomsel points

  • Fill in data regarding the use of smartphones, laptops, air conditioners, vehicles and so on. After filling all press the button Count.

Take care of the Earth Carbon Offset

  • You will get information about the total carbon footprint produced, as well as the number of trees needed to sequester your carbon.
  • Then you are invited to exchange Telkomsel Points for trees. The format is 50 points equivalent to 0.1 tree seedlings capable of absorbing 2.93 kg CO2e, and 500 points can be exchanged for 1 tree capable of absorbing 29.22 kg CO2e.
  • Select the points you want to exchange and click Change.

Carbon Offset

  • Follow the steps to the end, and you will get notifications and SMS if the points exchange is successful.
  • Alternatively, you can also exchange Points via SMS to 777 by typing JAGBUMI5 to redeem 50 Points or JAGBUMI50 to redeem 500 Points at once.


Hopefully this information is useful for those of you who want to participate in reducing carbon emissions on Earth, especially in Indonesia. Good luck! [NM/HBS]

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