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Appears on the Play Store, ChatGPT is available soon for Android phones

Good news has come for Android smartphone users who have been waiting for the ChatGPT application. Yes, the application has appeared on the Google Play Store so that it won’t be long before it can be downloaded by all Android users.

quoted The telephone from 9to5 Google on Sunday (23/07/2023), OpenAI has placed the official ChatGPT application on the Play Store, but it is not yet available for download.

The app is available for download with the note that it is “coming soon”. The screenshots also show that it’s basically identical to the iOS app, as one might expect.

As is known, OpenAI has launched the ChatGPT application for iOS, especially iPhone. ChatGPT is the first AI chatbot to come as an application on a smartphone.


The features of the ChatGPT application are not too different from the web version. It’s just that there are several additional features such as voice input which is supported by OpenAI Whisper technology so that users can ask questions on a smartphone without having to type them.

Then there’s the feature of switching between the standard language model and GPT-4 for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, as well as syncing conversation history from the desktop if the user is signed in with the same account.

That doesn’t include the ability to export data and delete or rename conversations. Not to forget, ChatGPT is also supported by the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 APIs as in the web version.

At the beginning of its launch, ChatGPT iOS was only available in the United States, and before finally arriving in several other countries. Meanwhile, Android users were asked to be patient because OpenAI promised to bring it to Android.


Now this promise has been fulfilled, so that it won’t be long before ChatGPT can be accessed by Android cellphone users. It is hoped that its appearance on Android can increase the number of users of this AI chatbot.

Given the presence of Google Bard, the public has begun to abandon ChatGPT, moreover, this application has decreased by 9.7 percent in the global region in June 2023. [NM/IF]

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