Come on, Play Your Favorite Games with 4 PS2 Emulators on Android!

The PlayStation 2 or PS2 is the successor to Sony’s previous console, the PlayStation 1. This console has sold hundreds of millions of units. The PS2 was a huge success in the world game. Many improvements from various aspects that finally make the PS2 one of them best seller console in this world.

Just like PS1, PS2 too no death. When a successor appeared, even up to the fifth generation, many still played it game PS2 in many ways. No exceptions depending on the emulator.

Yes, now you can not only play game PS2 in emulator available on PC only. There are PS2 emulators on Android that you can use to try out one game against another. In this discussion, we will review the list of PS2 emulators one by one, especially for those of you who want to reminisce.

1. AetherSX2

One of the best PS2 emulators on Android is AetherSX2. This emulator made by Tahlreth is equipped with various interesting features that support the game. One of them is choice rendering using OpenGL and Vulkan.

AetherSX2 is suitable for use on HP premier by chipset 8th generation Snapdragon or equivalent. Performance will be smoother if your mobile phone is supported by Adreno GPU.

Intrigued, the Caris signal team tried out AetherSX2 by playing a few games game. One of them is The Sims 2. Games it works well in certain settings. However, because we use HP middle distance, game not completely smooth. Sometimes, we do left behind several times.

the sims 2 aethersx2_

We’ve had worse things when we tried game Guitar Hero. The game doesn’t work at all.

Of course, this can be avoided if you use a high-end mobile phone, yes. So if you want to play game PS2 with AetherSX2, make sure your mobile phone meets the minimum requirements.

Another thing that makes AetherSX2 so popular is its wide range of setting options. You can adjust the graphics display quality, audio, controller, to system settings according to your needs.


  • Various setting options
  • Simple UI with intuitive controls
  • There are features recall game automatic
  • Suitable for streamer
  • Supports multiple disc formatincluding iso, chd and cso
  • Can connect with external controller
  • Free and no ads


  • Just runs smoothly on HP luxury
  • The configuration is quite complex for beginners/laymen

2. Play!


Another PS2 emulator on Android that you can try is Play! The application comes with a simple display and UI, so it is quite easy to use. Just like AetherSX2, Play! suitable for running on HP luxury.

Unlike AetherSX2, when we tried to play some game PS2 on HP middle distance, Play! ‘couldn’t’ run it properly. In fact, loading screen from game– didn’t work either.

Not only due to the device, this is likely also due to compatibility issues game. Yes, as of this writing, Play! still in the development stage. Even so, there are some game Compatible PS2 to play. One of them is Metal Gear Solid 3.

Since the emulator is still in the development stage, the features and setting options are still very limited. In the future, it is expected that there will be more features, configurations and more game can be played. However, in our opinion, Play! remains one of the best PS2 emulators on Android.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be connected with an external controller
  • Simple UI
  • Touch screen guard similar to the DualShock 2
  • Can be used in a variety of ways platformincluding Mac, Linux, Windows and iOS
  • Free


  • The emulator is still in the development stage
  • Not recommended for use on HP middle distance and low end
  • Compatibility game limited

3. DamonPS2


Next, there is DamonPS2. The name of this emulator application is very popular among Android users. DamonPS2 lets you play game Classic PS2 with ease. The features offered by DamonPS2 are very many. Some of them are rendering with high quality, code cheat in the application, and supports various formats disc.

Unfortunately, DamonPS2 limits this feature to free users. When the Caris Signal team tried, many of its superior features were locked. The feature to connect the emulator application with an external controller is no exception.

Just like most PS2 emulators, Damon PS2 is not recommended for use on lower mid-range HPs. If you want to try this emulator application, make sure your mobile phone is equipped with high specifications.


  • User friendly UI
  • Controls are similar to PS2
  • Can connect with game pad/external controller
  • Supports multiple formats file
  • Code available cheat in the application
  • Various setting options and quite flexible
  • There are free and paid versions


  • Not recommended for mid/low class mobile phones
  • Featured features unlocked (free version)
  • Cannot be used without an internet connection
  • Shows a lot of ads


ps1ps2psp mortal kombat 1-side

PS/PS2/PSP is a PS2 emulator on Android launched by Gamer Home. This emulator application can not only be run game PS2 or PS1 only, but also other game consoles. Among them are Wii, Atari and Nintendo DS.

Just additional info, this application uses core or ‘plugins’ from RetroArch and some other emulators, such as AetherSX2. RetroArch itself is a popular emulator that can run a lot game console.

When trying to use HP middle distancethe application eats success game PS1. Honey, while trying game PS2, the game doesn’t run so smoothly. However, of course if you use a mobile phone luxurynot to mention a special HP gameany PS2 game can run without a hitch.

He cried, this one app provides download option game directly. So, you don’t have to search hard file ISO again. However, not all PS2 games are in this app. For the game to run smoothly, you can connect game pad external to the application.

Since this app is based on AetherXS2 (PS2 only), the setting options are not much different. Even so, the configuration in this application is still limited.

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