Come on, try 8 free games on your MacBook, help beat the boredom

Main game on a laptop can be a fun activity. Especially when done while relaxing. Windows-based laptop users may experience this a lot game free Then, so what game on a MacBook? Are there free downloads like Windows?

Of course, you can search game free on MacBook through the App Store. Well, the Caris signal team has collected several game titles. Want to know? Just look at the list below.

1. Code of War

want to play game war on macbook? Coba War Code. Games this one can be said to be similar to Counter Strike and Point Blank. It only uses a third person point of view. Code of War requires a stable internet connection to play.

Then, you can choose a Free For All game mode or battle with a team. Well, the Free For All mode itself will involve you in a war with all the other players.

As solo fighter, You must win the war, as well as complete the missions in the game. Missions can collect itemsor round the amount kill.

So that the performance is more fierce, don’t forget upgrade or buy new weapons with your money. Oh yes, war here requires energy units and tokens. If both are depleted, you won’t be able to start a battle. The duration of each round is only 2 minutes.

The game can run smoothly, even on older MacBook series. The Carisignal team played it on a 2015 MacBook, using the highest graphics settings. Although the graphic display is not so wowWar Code is still fun to try.

2. Infinity Beats: Song Edition

infinity beat__1

If you like to play game piano like Magic Tiles or similar, Infinity Beats: Song Edition can be tried. He exclaimed, the difficulty level game this is very high. Although it has been changed speedto the lowest, movement tilesit’s still very fast.

Infinity Beats: Song Edition is perfect for those of you who love music and challenges. During the game, you will be given quite a lot of ‘lives’. Therein lies the challenge. Your life will be over if you press the wrong button just once. finally, game in front of the eyes.

The next song will be unlocked if you have completed the first song. Here, you can choose the type of song you want to play. Even so, there are no popular songs like when we play Magic Tiles.

Interested? Live download Infinity Beats on the App Store just. Not only on MacBook, you can also play it on iPad.

3. Dot’s Home

house dot__1

Besides game war and game music, you can also try to play Dot’s Home. This is game free casual can be played on MacBook. Dot’s Home itself is an interactive game, similar to a visual novel.

Here, you will play Dorothea or ‘Dot’, a girl who lives with her grandmother and nephew. Grandma plans to sell Grandpa Dot’s house to a real estate agent named Murphy.

Their beloved house was damaged here and there. Even so, Dot herself did not agree with the grandmother, because she thought the house was very valuable. It’s not about money, it’s about memories, and the struggle to get the house isn’t easy.

Your task is to help Dot to improve the situation in her life. You and Dot will adventure into the past. There, you can talk to Dot’s mom and dad, even her younger sister. The dialogue you choose will affect the future, as well as the past itself. Make sure you choose carefully, yes.

This game has three ended a different story. Be found good, neutraland bad ending. After spending 30 minutes playing, Caris’ own signal team managed to get it neutral ending.

House Dot has plots attractive, simple controls and 2D visuals that are eye-pleasing. Not surprisingly, game this wins award from the App Store in 2022.

4. Asphalt 9: Legends

asphalt 9 march__1

Games race car Asphalt 9: Legends can also be played for free on MacBook. Of course, many of you are probably already familiar with it game this one. The graphics are amazing, the missions presented are also interesting.

In career mode, there are many missions to complete. Each mission will definitely bring reward at the end. Rewardform action plan car, or even money that can be used to upgrade your own car.

Apart from the career mode, there are also other game modes that you can try. One of them is multiplayer. Only this other mode will be locked. Unless you make up for it with some career flag which can be achieved if the mission is successfully carried out.

Asphalt 9: Legends runs smoothly on the Caris Signal team’s MacBook. We used medium graphics settings at 60 fps.

5. Fishdom

fishdom mac__1

Want to do aquarium contains beautiful fish and friendly? Play Fishdom only. Games relax this one will take you to finish it mini game and also game match 3 objects (match three).

Mini gameThe mission itself is in the form of a mission to prey on fellow fish, from small to large. If you have eaten large fish, reward coins and diamond you will get

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