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Easy Ways to Edit Photos Using Microsoft Edge


You can edit photos using Microsoft Edge after the built-in image editor is available. Users can edit photos directly on browser web.

You can edit photos using Microsoft Edge if you have already updated. User can make necessary basic changes in each photo.

Users can use the Crop tool, adjust brightness, exposure, saturation, Tint, Shadow and so on. There is also another feature called Mark-up.

Mark-up itself works with mousefinger touch, or stylus. This latest feature allows users to annotate photos or images.


Going forward, the tool allows users to directly download edited images on PC or save them to clipboard if used at any time.

If you want to try the new feature, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Microsoft Edge to edit photos/images.

How to Edit Using the Edge Web Browser

  1. Download and install browser web Latest version of Microsoft.

You can do that by logging into Arrangement or Settingsselect About Microsoft Edgeand update.

2, When done, open a photo or image

3. Navigate to any site that has a photo or image. Then, look for the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner.

4. The image editor is hidden in the new menu options that appear after you hover mouse to the top of the image. There, you need to select an option Edit Image.

5. Next, make the necessary changes.

6. You must select one of the available options, then make changes. For example, if you want to crop an image, select an option Crop, then use the point in the picture to cut. Similarly, choose Adjustments to change brightness, lighting, etc.

6. Finally, save the changes. Edge Editor allows users to download edited images to PC or save them in clipboard.


Edge’s built-in editor allows users to edit images before downloading. This feature can come in handy in a variety of situations.

Following the steps above will really help you in editing your images without the need for any third-party software or applications. [SN/IF]

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