Exciting! Try 7 Games Similar to Yandere Simulator on Android

Yandere Simulator becomes one game simulation that has been quite popular in recent years. How can it be? Games made by the developer game This Japanese PC brings game and different stories even tend to be controversial.

Games Yandere Simulator is game An RPG that tells the story of a student type yandere who hangs out with peers at school. You will play a jealous girl who falls in love with a high class guy. Well, you have to do various stunts to attract the attention of the superiors.

Interesting in game Here, you will find a slightly strange simulation, where you can kidnap, kill friends and commit other crimes. Although there are various crimes, there is no pornographic content in it game this.

Because it’s controversial, no wonder game which also has a mobile version, which is blocked in some countries. For those of you who still want to feel like playing game here, there’s no harm in trying game similar to Yandere Simulator on Android. Here is the list.

1. Sakura School Simulator

Sakura School Simulator is one of them game A simulation like Yandere Simulator. Games open world it contains school life in Japan. Sakura School Simulator brings bold 2D graphics.

You can explore various places in the vast area. In game In this case, you can manage your character, play with other players, date and even marry.

In addition to interacting with other characters, you can also complete various interesting missions. Unfortunately, in an official statement, game This can only be played on devices with a minimum specification of 3 GB RAM and chipset Snapdragon 820. Download this game on Google PlayStore.

2. School Girl Simulator

school girl game sim_

Games Android is interesting to play in free time. Games typing open world and this simulation will invite you to become a female student in a Japanese school.

You will be invited to interact with various characters. Both with character in school, and outside of school. While in the school environment, you can participate in certain extracurriculars or play with friends.

However, when you are out of school, you can drive a variety of vehicles. You can also work as a waiter in a cafe or restaurant. download game-get it on Google PlayStore.

3. School Life Simulator

school life game sim_

from School Life Simulator, you play a Japanese teenager who is active in school. You can do various school activities, chat with other characters, or give them gifts.

Just like Yandere Simulator, in game Here you can explore different places and do fun things. You can also travel around using a unique vehicle. Interestingly, every crime you commit game this, will make your character deal with the police.

4. Mexican High School Simulator

mexican game shcoll_

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