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How to Use Facebook’s Safety Check Feature for the Cianjur Earthquake


Facebook has a Safety Check feature that is here to help with disaster management in a country. This time, Facebook’s Safety Check feature can be used for the earthquake that occurred in Cianjur on Monday (21/11/2022).

It is known that last Monday there was an earthquake with a magnitude (M) of 5.6 in Cianjur Regency, West Java. The earthquake damaged 2,272 houses and displaced 5,389.

Furthermore, the latest data from the BNPB Operations Control Center (Pusdalops) on Monday at 19.34 WIB recorded 62 people died and 79 people were injured.


The earthquake disaster certainly made people worried about the condition of their friends or relatives in Cianjur. Meanwhile, those in Cianjur often find it difficult to provide information about their current condition.

Therefore, since 2015 Facebook has had a Safety Check feature. Through this feature, users can provide up-to-date information about themselves when they are in a natural disaster area.

On the other hand, other Facebook users can offer assistance to affected communities so that post-disaster evacuation and recovery can take place more optimally.

How to Use Facebook’s Safety Check Feature

The Facebook Safety Check feature can be used to provide 3 different information. To inform friends or family who are connected on Facebook, if you survived the earthquake.

Second, to provide information if you need help, and third, if you want to offer help. Team The telephone will provide a complete tutorial to help with the handling of the earthquake disaster in Cianjur.

  • Open the Facebook application and select the 3 line icon on the right.

  • Select the menu Community Resources which has a shaking hands icon.

Cianjur earthquake

  • Click the menu Crisis Management.

Cianjur Earthquake Facebook

  • Information about the Cianjur and Sukabumi earthquakes will appear. Choose Seek or Offer Helpto ask for help.

crisis response information

  • Select Ask for assistance and complete the data regarding the type of post, and write what assistance is requested. Last step click Posting and the information will be posted on your Facebook account.

Cara Safety Check Facebook 2

  • Meanwhile, if you want to offer assistance to affected residents, you can choose Offer Helpcomplete the existing data and select Posting.

How to Offer Facebook Safety Check Help

  • As for giving news that conditions are safe, on the menu crisis Management, and select Learn More.

Safety Check Facebook

  • Click I’m Safe or I’m Unaffectedto make posts in the form of information that we are safe.

Features of Disaster Management Crisis


Hopefully this information will be useful to help our brothers and sisters in Cianjur who are being hit by an earthquake. Make sure to use this feature as well as possible, in order to facilitate the evacuation of disaster victims. [NM/HBS]

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