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Google Launches an Application Similar to AirDrop, These Are the Advantages

Google has just released an application that works similarly to Apple AirDrop, which makes it easy for Android users to share large files to a PC and the application is called Android Handy Nearby Share.

After testing it for several months, Google has made Nearby Share available on Windows PCs. This app brings convenience, allowing you to transfer files on your phone, tablet, Chromebook and other devices.

Available as an application for download, Android Handy Nearby Share has been installed by 1.7 million users so far and more than 50 million files have been transferred between PCs and Android devices.

The Nearby Share application has several advantages, such as being able to provide information regarding the estimated completion time of file transfers. There is also an image preview feature in device notifications to help you share the right file.


In addition there are several other features, which are present in the beta version. quoted The telephone from Gizmochina on Friday (21/07/2023), the working of the Handy Nearby Share Android application is quite easy.

Users simply drag and drop files into the application. The process is faster if both devices or sender and recipient are signed in to the same Google account.

This Apple AirDrop-like application is a solution for Android and Windows users, because they no longer need to receive and transfer each file manually. That way it can support user productivity when studying or working, whether working in an office or working remotely from anywhere.

This application is available on the Google Play Store and Microsoft Store in stages, so users can download it.


However, for the sake of facilitating user activity, Google said that it wanted to partner with companies such as HP to include the Nearby Share application on certain Windows PCs, thus making Nearby Share the default application on several PCs.

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