Here are 10 foods suitable for birthday treats


Birthday is a special moment, so it’s only natural that people are eager to celebrate it to make it more memorable. Usually in Indonesia there is a tradition of “treating” or buying food for friends on birthdays.

If you’re planning to treat your friends, Bacaterus has 10 recommendations below. Some are cheap and some require you to spend a little more.

Some of these foods have to be ordered on the spot but some can be delivery, so you don’t have to move from your place. Here are 10 foods that are suitable for birthday treats, Bacaterus version.

10 Foods Suitable for Birthday Treats

1. Pizza

A suitable food recommendation for a first birthday treat is pizza. Everyone loves pizza, especially if it’s free, lol Pizza is the most popular food to eat with friends, because apart from being delicious, the portions are large and filling.

In addition, pizza also has a rim shape (crust) different, ranging from original, sausage, mozzarella, etc. Don’t forget the pizza toppings, which can’t be counted on your fingers because there are so many varieties. In fact, now there is sweet pizza which toppingher sweets like marshmellows and Nutella.

You can treat office friends to a pizzeria during your lunch break. Or, you can also order pizza delivery to your boarding house or campus to treat your college friends. One large pizza pan can be enjoyed by up to 8-12 people with a maximum price of IDR 140,000.

2. Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken is the perfect food for a birthday treat

The food that is suitable for the next birthday treat is fried chicken. If it’s pizza, maybe there are people who don’t like it, usually sih for not being able to eat cheese which was the main reason. Besides pizza, you can also treat your friends to everyone’s favorite flour fried chicken.

Famous fried chicken Frenchise such as McDonalds, KFC, Richeese, CFC, and Texas Chicken can be your choice. However, it feels like a child if you treat your office friends there, because fast food restaurants like the one we mentioned above often offer packages. birthday party for children.

As a reference, you can visit other fried chicken outlets such as Wingz O Wingz and Wingstop, Korean restaurants such as Mujigae and Yoogane, or at the street snack such as Shihlin, I Love Taimei, and Pop Chop Chicken.

For Wingz O Wingz and Wingstop they offer a new sensation of eating flour fried chicken with a variety of interesting sauces and a choice of rice + potatoes that are different from the well-known frenchise.

For the flour fried chicken menu in Korean restaurants, of course it is Korean fried chicken, namely wings and mini-sized drumsticks served with Korean-style sauce. If Shihlin and his friends are more street snack Taiwanese style, namely flour fried chicken breast served with a variety of savory spices, yummy.

3. Given


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Birthdays are synonymous with sweet foods, from birthday cakes, sponge cakes, and donuts! I think everyone likes donuts, except those who are on a diet, hehe. You can make donuts a suitable food for a birthday treat too.

You can go to popular donut outlets such as J.Co, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dino Donuts, and others. The plus point of coming directly to the place is that you can buy the drinks as well.

Go on, your friends can request donuts they want. But if you don’t want to be complicated, all you have to do is pick up your phone, open the online motorcycle taxi application or call the outlet, who knows, they may provide delivery services. OK, right?

The donut treat is cheap, because for a dozen donuts you only need to pay around IDR 60,000. Not to mention when there is a Buy 1 Get 1 promo and other promos which are often held by several donut outlets.

4. Meatballs


Indonesian meatball soup aka meatballs is everyone’s favorite food. Certain, deh, everyone likes meatballs. Even if your stomach is full, you can treat it with meatballs mah go ahead! It is best to treat meatballs at lunch time with friends from work, campus or school.

The price of meatballs is also relatively cheap, for the most expensive village meatballs, it’s only IDR 15,000 per portion. It’s filling, delicious, cheap, really top deh if you treat use meatballs.

5. Dim sum

Dimsum food suitable for birthday treats

Duhjust look at the picture already made salivating. Who here likes dimsum? Actually dimsum means “snack food” in Cantonese. In China, dimsum is eaten as breakfast or brunch (time between breakfast and lunch). But, in Indonesia it seems that dimsum is classified as heavy food, right? Lol.

If you are not familiar with dimsum, this snack is similar to dumplings but has far more variants and is all delicious. Dimsum is enjoyed with special sauce and soy sauce. Of course, it’s best to eat dimsum directly on the spot so that it’s still hot and the taste quality is maintained. The nuances of eating dimsum are also definitely more got if you eat directly on the spot.

6. Seafood


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The food that is suitable for the next birthday treat is seafood. If you and your friends are connoisseurs of seafood, go ahead cus to a restaurant that has a spilled seafood menu like in the picture. Spilled seafood packages usually consist of crabs, lobsters, shrimp, scallops, and vegetables such as corn and mustard greens.

The price for the spilled seafood package is quite affordable if you compare if you have to buy the seafood per portion. Apart from being delicious and cheaper, the sensation of eating seafood spilled on the table is of course a dining experience that should not be missed.

7. Banana Nuggets

Banana Nuggets Banana

Since earlier, heavy food has always appeared, right? So, this time Bacaterus wants to discuss birthday snacks. It doesn’t only have to be heavy food, you can treat your friends with snacks too. What if the treat this time is banana nuggets?

Banana nuggets or banana nuggets are a snack that is currently on the rise. Actually, banana nuggets are not much different from crispy fried bananas. It’s just that starting from the variety of presentation and toppings that make this snack more unique.

The price of a box of banana nuggets varies depending on where you buy them. If you buy banana nuggets from a well-known brand, the price is quite expensive (around Rp. 25 – 30 thousand per box).

Meanwhile, if you buy one on the side of the road, there is one box for only Rp. 10,000 too. You just choose where to buy. If cheap nuggets already taste good, why should you buy expensive ones? Hehe.

8. Pie


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bored no, sih, eat sponge every birthday? Why not try other cakes, such as pie for example? Pie or more popular with the name pie is a dry pastry with wet contents. The fillings can vary, but the most common is fresh fruit. However, there are also chicken, beef, cheese, chocolate, peanut and vegetable pies.

To treat your friends, you can buy a pie pan and then cut it according to the number of people present. But, if you want to be even more practical, buy mini pies so everyone gets a fair portion.

9. Sate

Sate Koja Cafe And Resto

* source:

Satay is synonymous with dinner. You see, the average satay hawkers come out from the afternoon to the evening. If you again on budget but still want to treat friends, just invite them to the satay stall.

So quite ‘wah’, you can take him to a famous satay place. For example, like Sate HM Harris in Bandung and Sate Sambas in Jakarta. If you get bored with the usual satay, you can look for a place for maranggi satay or taichan satay.

10. Durian


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The perfect food for a final birthday treat you may not have thought of, but it’s a great idea for durian party at the same time celebrating your birthday, right? If you and your friends are true durian fans, visit an open durian restaurant like this. It must be really fun having a durian eating party with lots of friends.

Yes, we have finished recommending 10 foods that are suitable for birthday treats from Bacaterus. How, interesting idea, right? What’s on the menu nih which will be your treat for your friends’ birthday this time?

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