Here are Age of Mythology Cheat Codes and Tips for Playing the Game

Among the many strategy games on the market, game Age Of Mythology is still quite fun to play. Although it has been released since 2002, game made by Ensemble Studio has an interesting and similar combat concept game Age of Empire.

In game In this, the developer invites you to build a city, make a defense to make an army to attack the enemy. Interestingly, you will find three different civilizations to choose from namely Greece, Egypt and Scandinavia (Vikings). Each civilization will have different gods with different effects.

Each nation or each civilization has a different character in war. If you choose Greece, you will find a balance between attack and defense. Whereas if you choose Egypt, you will get a nation that is good at defending itself. In contrast to the famous Vikings have an attacking character.

in 2020, game Age Of Mythology got some updates, especially in the visuals and improvements bugs. In addition, the developers have also added new maps that will make your adventure more interesting.

Plus, it’s popular multiplayer, developers bring performance improvements. In this latest update, you and your friends can play for free multiplayer smoother even when playing map wide

In the version update this, game This RTS is developed by Forgotten Empires and Skybox Labs. The presence of this new developer is expected to make game looks more modern, so it can compete with game kind of

Well, for you fans game real time strategythere is nothing wrong with trying to use it cheat Age of Mythology. A number cheat in game this can be used to strengthen the defense or strengthen the army.

How to Use Age of Mythology Cheats

Same as game online another PC, to use the code cheat Age Of Mythology, you just tap ‘enter’ while playing in the mode single player or in map offline. Will appear ‘text box chat’. Then type the code cheat you need and press ‘Enter’ again.

If the code cheat entered correctly, then the text will appear ‘cheat code enabled’. What to consider in entering the code, you must pay attention to the size of the letters and the space between the words. The reason is, if the code does not match, then cheat will not work.

Cheating Mythological Age

deceiving the age of mythology 1_

Games online It has 3 mode options viz campaign mode, single mode and multiplayer mode. In campaign mode, you will play according to the chosen civilization. The point is in this mode, you must be able to defend the civilization from attacks by other countries.

Meanwhile, in single mode, You can freely choose the god you want. You will play the role of an army leader who must chase down other traitorous soldiers.

Here are the numbers cheat which you can use to make it easier to play Age Of Mythology.

1. Cheat For God Power

  • BAWK BAWK BOOM: Own Ayam Meteor God Power (can only be used 1x only)
  • PANDORA’S BOX: Get it God’s power random
  • God’s wrath: Unlimited power for bodies, meteors, earthquakes to tornadoes
  • DIVINE INTERVENTION: Have it all God’s power and can be used more than 1x
  • GUATUNHEIM: Own God’s power to turn all units into goats

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