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Huawei Patented Heart Rate Light Adjustment

Huawei is reported to have patented a new technology, namely a light control device in the area around the car that is adjusted based on the user’s heart rate.

Huawei itself is one of the technology companies that continues to invest in technology research and development to drive new innovations. The company also establishes research institutes and innovation centers around the world.

In addition, Huawei has also invested heavily in technology research, such as 5G connectivity, AI technology, cloud computingand camera smartphonewhich is always talked about because of its unique features.


Reported The telephone from Gizmochina, a report from IT Home recently showed that Huawei has filed a patent for its new technology, namely adjusting the light around the car based on the heart rate.

This patent application relates to the automotive industry and introduces an innovative technology for controlling ambient light, via ultra-bandwidth radio frequency signals, which causes a user’s ambient lighting to dynamically adjust based on their heart rate.

This light adjustment process provides an effective way to adjust the user’s physical condition and ambient light without the user’s knowledge, thereby enhancing the user’s driving experience.

However, it is still unknown whether this new patented technology will be applied in the future, as it is still in the development stage.


This ability to innovate enables companies to stay ahead of the competition, and respond to changes in market trends and customer needs, as well as remain relevant in their respective industries.

Overall, it’s likely that Huawei’s technology has great potential to improve the driving experience for drivers and passengers of these technological vehicles. [FY/HBS]

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