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Prices start at IDR 120,000. This is the Telkomsel One Package List

Telkomsel now has Telkomsel One, which is a Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) product by combining cellular and fixed or home internet services. For those who are curious about Telkomsel One, here is a list of the complete packages.

As is well known, Telkomsel is launching a new product under the Telkomsel One brand which provides a seamless broadband connectivity experience, both inside and outside the home, for sure-connected internet solutions and digital entertainment for all customers and the public.

Telkomsel One also offers broadband services with a variety of added values, reliable capabilities in one network, the convenience and advantages of Telkomsel Prepaid, Halo, Orbit and IndiHome services in one solution, one application, one touch point and one bill.

Telkomsel’s newest product after taking over IndiHome provides various advantages. Telkomsel One also offers a variety of service advantages that customers can enjoy, such as IndiHome speeds of up to 2 Gbps, Orbit data quota of up to 20 GB and Family Data Quota of up to 80 GB which can be shared between 6 Telkomsel numbers.

Next is the Closed User Group (CUG) service which allows unlimited calls and SMS within the same group, IPTV Channels such as Cinemax and HBO, Disney+ Hotstar, MAXStream and Vidio, Voice/SMS over Wi-Fi services that utilize the Wi-Fi network to communicate via telephone and SMS, as well as home internet from IndiHome.


Register for Telkomsel One Internet Packages

Telkomsel One provides a wide selection of superior, customer-centric Telkomsel Packages according to customer needs, with prices starting from IDR 120 thousand for one month subscription, including through the Complete Package, Dynamic Package and Easy Package.

During the promotional period, Telkomsel provides a special free open all channel IPTV service program for all IndiHome customers during the period 21 to 31 July 2023, as well as a program to increase internet access speeds up to 100 Mbps without increasing the price of their packages, specifically for selected IndiHome customers.

Meanwhile, for those who haven’t subscribed to IndiHome, Telkomsel is holding a free installation fee promo for users who have just subscribed to IndiHome with a minimum speed package of 50 Mbps, during the period July 21 to August 31 2023. The following is a complete list of Telkomsel One packages.

a. Paket Easy Silver Lite


  • Orbit Quota: 25 GB
  • Family Quota: 10 GB
  • Call Fellow Members: 50,000 Minutes
  • Price: IDR 120,000
  • Active Time: 30 Days

b. Paket Dynamic Silver 1P


  • Internet Speed: 300 Mbps
  • Family Quota: 15 GB
  • Call fellow operators: 30 minutes
  • Same-Operator SMS: 30 SMS
  • Price: IDR 888,000
  • Active Time: 30 Days.

c. Paket Dynamic Gold 2P

  • Internet Speed: 1 Gbps
  • Family Quota: 35 GB
  • Call fellow operators: 50 minutes
  • SMS to fellow operators 50 minutes
  • Price: IDR 1,499,000
  • Active Time: 30 Days.

Currently, all Telkomsel One packages are available for new customers, where customers can choose the package that suits their needs through customer service at GraPARI, call centers 188 and 147, website, and the MyTelkomsel Application.


For more information about the various advantages of the IndiHome and Telkomsel One service packages, you can access them at

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