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How to Install GApps Android 13 on Your Smartphone

Do you know how to install GApps Android 13 on smartphone? If you don’t know, you can see the method as explained below.

Install GApps Android 13 on smartphone not a difficult matter. If you already have Android 13 installed, you can enjoy new features and improved performance.

Which needs to be underlined, when smartphone If you are using a custom ROM or Android skin, you will most likely need to install the latest GApps.


As the name suggests, GApps are stock apps from Google. The existence of GApps allows you to perform some of the core functions in the Android ecosystem.

Among the most important GApps is Google Play Store. In general, GApps are Google’s official applications that are collected into one package.

So, if handset You are short of apps for some reason, it will be a headache to use the latest Android 13 operating system.

How to download and install GApps Android 13

As explained above, if you are using a custom ROM based on Android 13, you will need to download and install GApps. The requirements are as follows:

  • Battery smartphone must have at least 80 percent power
  • Download GApps packages only from trusted sources
  • The GApps package must match your device’s CPU architecture
  • You have to know a mechanism flashing (TWRP/ADB)
  • Smartphone you must use firmware Android 13 (without GApps)



TWRP aka Team Win Recovery Project is an easy-to-use interface to perform flash custom ROM, firmware, zip rootand the GApps package.

  • Download package file zip GApps to device SD card storage. If there is a problem while saving file on the SD card, save it wherever you want, but remember the location.
  • Boot to the TWRP recovery page and select the install option
  • Choose a plan zip GApps that you just downloaded
  • Start the installation
  • When finished, also click delete cache Dalvik

Finally, you should be aware that after installing GApps Android 13, it may take longer to commit boot device. Be patient. [SN/HBS]

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