Interesting and Relaxing, Try These 7 ASMR Games on Android

In recent times, many internet users have become fond of ASMR video content (Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response), whether uploaded on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. The content of ASMR videos is claimed to be able to provide peace and relaxation for some people.

There are many content creators like YouTubers who upload ASMR videos with different themes. For example through video mukbangor special content thattrigger sound of certain objects.

But, you know what? Now you can not only enjoy the sound of soothing video content, but through it game Also. Yes, there are many of them game ASMR on Android phone you can try.

Well, this time, we will discuss 7 ASMR game on Android, especially for those of you who like ASMR content, as well as play game. Here is the list.

1. Slicing ASMR

ASMR slicing will involve the player to cut the foam with a knife. The shape of the bubbles will change as you level up. There are squares, circles, circles, etc. Uniquely, in the bubbles there are usually objects that you need to remove.

The trick, of course, is to cut the foam along the dotted lines that appear on the screen. It’s easy, just press the object you want to cut, then the line will appear.

That makes game What is more exciting is the presence of mysterious objects at the end of each level. Usually, these mysterious objects involve game special. Just a little peek, instead of cutting the usual bubbles, in one of the levels with the mysterious object, you have to cut four cookies slices.

easy? Of course not. A piece of cake should land right on the white plate below the cake. Quiet, deep game you can do upgrade the knife used. Take advantage of the coins available game to buy a new knife.

for us, gameit is very fun to play. Of course, the sound of the cut foam kept us calm and focused while playing.

2. Fill the Fridge

Fill the fridge_

The trend of filling the fridge on TikTok is also very popular with many netizens, NIH. Maybe this is why Rollic Games was launched game ASMR is named Fill the Fridge.

Yes, it’s that simple! You just need to fill the empty fridge with milk, chocolate, vegetables, jam and more. No, if you think this is easy to solve, the answer is not that simple.

Any incoming food must be placed in the refrigerator compartment. Accuracy in preparation will be decisive; whether you can advance to the next level or not.

Just like ASMR Slicing, Fill The Fridge also gives us a soothing sound for every food or drink stored in the fridge. Hmmm, game This can be an alternative for you who may want to try refill style refrigerator celebrities TikToks, yes. Interested?

3. Chef – 3D Cooking Game

Chef - 3D Cooking Game_

From the name, you can guess that it is game cook Despite that, Cook – 3D Cooking Game also in line game ASMR on Android is fun to play.

In the game, you will play the role of Chef which serves a variety of food and drinks to customers. Of course, you have to satisfy them with what is served.

They will choose salad, orange juice, and many other menu items. Well, the most fun location is here. Yes, when you prepare these foods and drinks, you will be accompanied by the sound of a knife clashing with a cutting board when cutting ingredients, or even the sound of a blender grinding fruit into a drink.

Games it is quite easy to play. The controls are also simple, plus there will be instructions every time you start cutting or mixing even the fruit. So, you will not be confused.

sadly, game it’s bombarded with tons of ads. In fact, when we clicked from one control to another, the ad kept coming. This is considered very disturbing. However, of course you can buy an ad-free package in it game. The price is around IDR 44,000. How, want to try playing?

4. Cutting Soap – Satisfying ASMR

Soap Cutting ASMR Game_

Cutting Soap – Satisfying ASMR comes from developer which is similar to ASMR Slicing. should, gamealso similar. The difference is that the sliced ​​object here is multi-colored soap.

Still the same, you need to slice the soap until the object inside can be removed. Well, what makes this game more interesting is the presence of different time limits in each level.

If you play on the first level in the first round, for example, the time you get is 2 minutes. The higher the level, the less time limit you will be given. Excitement game– is clearly increasing.

Another difference is, to get coins game it’s not as easy as ASMR Slicing. curious about game this one? Please download directly here.

5. ASMR Studio 3D

ASMR Studio 3D_

If game ASMR Studio 3D is arguably different from the rest game which we discussed above. Yes, in this game, you are tasked with cutting items such as pencils or markers with a sharp cutting knife, or even destroying certain items.

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