Learn Tips and Cheats for Green Hell, an Adventure Game on PC

Games Green Hell is a very interesting adventure game to play. Using the Amazon jungle setting, the developer game from Poland, Creepy Jar, tries to present the harsh nature of the Amazon jungle in a game.

Bringing the concept of Survival Opera World, game The Green Hell invites you to survive in the mysterious flora and fauna of the Amazon jungle. Here, you need to collect items to survive and be able to find a way out of this forest.

Excitement game that is, you need to learn survival techniques independently without outside help. Plus the psychological effect because you are alone in the forest adds to the excitement of the game.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to complete every mission in this game. you need to cheat Green Hell game so that the game can be easier and more interesting.

Green Hell Storyline

At the beginning of the game, you will enter a tutorial mission. In this mission, it’s all about gamehas been introduced. You will meet a couple named Jake and Mia, who are doing research in the Amazon jungle.

In this mission, you will be introduced to various ways of life such as finding firewood, making fire and hunting. Until one day, Jake and Mia were separated. Jake also tries to find Mia until he meets and is chased by a tribe of Amazons.

In the middle of the run, Jake falls and passes out. This is it game The Green Hell begins. Jake must survive in the jungle while searching for Mia and getting out of the Jungle.

How to Use Green Hell Cheats

cheat green hell 2_

Remembering the Green Hell is game survivalof course it will not be easy to play game this. This is where you need it cheat order game this may be easier to play.

Well, good luck there cheat which you can use while playing game Green Hell on PC. Unfortunately, to be able to use cheatyou must activate the mod debug first. See the steps to activate the mod debug From game Green Hell:

  • Open the Steam Client > click ‘Library’
  • Right click on the game name Green Hell > select ‘property’
  • Select the ‘Local Files’ section > click ‘Browse local files’
  • Open the ‘GH_Data’ folder in game installation section > open folder ‘source’
  • Now all you have to do is create a folder named ‘Scripts’. In that folder, you create another new folder named ‘Debug’
  • Open the ‘debug’ folder > open Notepad > then save by press CTRL + Sthen save the file with the name DEBUG no additional connections
  • If successful, select YES. Mode debug in game it will be active. You can also use ‘Console command’ and cheat easily.

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