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How to Use Live Listen iPhone Using AirPods


Live Listen iPhone using AirPods is very helpful when you have difficulty hearing, are in a noisy place, even want to eavesdrop on conversations from afar.

Live Listen iPhone wasn’t built to help spy. There are subtler ways to eavesdrop than shoving an iPhone in front of people.

Listen Live is directional. Whether you’re at a crowded bar or sitting in a crowded restaurant, you can point your iPhone at whoever you’re talking to.

You’ll then hear it better in a noisy environment. To do so, you only need a one-time initial setup.


Furthermore, you can easily power on when you need it. If not, you can also easily turn it off so it doesn’t drain the battery. Here are the steps to take!

How to set up Live Listen

Setting up Live Listen really aims to make the controls easily accessible. Until you actively add the button to Control Center, there’s no way to start Live Listen.

On your iPhone:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Control Center
  • Scroll down to More Controls
  • Discover Hearing and tap the green plus sign to add it to Included Controls

If Hearing nothing in the section More Controlsyou will find it in Included Controls. That menu is the list of controls in Control Center.

You can also tap and hold drag handles to reset everything. When you drag up and down the list, you rearrange the control grid which will then be visible in the Control Center.

Move Hearing to somewhere at the top of the list. For the bottom, it will appear below the screen in Control Center. You have to scroll to reach it.

One important thing, don’t play music while you have Live Listen turned on. This is because the music sounds louder due to Live Listen, although it is not as deafening as before.

How to start Live Listen

  • Put your AirPods in your ears
  • Swipe down on iPhone to open Control Center
  • Ignore the Hearing controls and tap the AirPlay icon at the top right of the Music controls
  • From the list of devices that appears, tap to select your AirPods
  • Tap away from the controls to return to Control Center
  • Now, tap the icon Hearing
  • Tap the Live Listen Off text or button at the bottom of the screen

Now, your AirPods will convey the sound picked up by the iPhone’s microphone. So, turn your iPhone toward the person you’re with.

You may also have to explain what is being done. Because, you have to let AirPods work.


Then, when the environment calms down or you’ve just finished a conversation, turn off Live Listen as soon as possible to save battery power.

Swipe down on your iPhone to get to Control Center. Next, tap on the icon Hearing which will show you the constantly changing volume level in the environment. Now, tap Live Listen On.

To turn it off, you tap Live Listen On. And to turn it back on, you tap Live Listen Off.

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