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The Latest 20.5-inch Foldable MacBook Pro and Release 2025

Apple seems interested in following the trend of folding screen devices, because the United States technology company is developing a folding screen MacBook Pro.

According to South Korean media, The Elec Managing Director of Samsung Display, Baek Seung-in, made a presentation at the Korean Information Display Society’s Society for Information Display (SID) event.

During this talk, Seung-in discussed how the durability of foldable screens has increased even though in terms of strength they cannot beat conventional screens that are already present in many products.

Baek Seung-in also mentioned how Samsung Display is working to make foldable screen wrinkles less conspicuous. It was also revealed that Samsung is interested in making a device that carries a 25-inch screen when opened and measures 13 inches when folded.


Still in the same report, Samsung Display innovation relates to the MacBook Pro that Apple is currently working on. The Cupertino giant is currently working on a foldable device with Samsung Display and LG Display and that Apple is waiting to receive certain patents regarding these products.

In addition to pending certain patents, Apple plans to delay the release of foldable devices until the screen wrinkles can be removed. Allegedly the first folding screen device that Apple will release is the MacBook Pro.

Quoted Telset from Phone Arena on Monday (07/24/2023), the MacBook Pro laptop has a 20.5-inch screen and the device could arrive as early as 2025 followed by the foldable iPhone. Apple has yet to provide a response regarding the issue.

It’s just that Apple was able to use the Polyimide Film (PI) screen technology that Samsung used in the first Galaxy Fold series, even though the transparent PI film had problems with visibility.


This issue reinforces rumors regarding the foldable screen MacBook, which also mentions that the MacBook will be introduced in 2025 and sold in 2026.

This means that in 2025 the public will see the Apple MacBook and Apple MacBook Pro, which both offer folding screens to provide the maximum user experience.

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