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Mack Zuckerberg Says AI Will Be in All Meta Products

The application of AI technology has now begun to spread across various products. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, predicts that all of his products will be integrated with generative AI technology.

For information, generative is a class of techniques and artificial intelligence models designed to be able to generate new, original content containing images, text, music, and videos.

This technology involves training algorithms on large data sets and enabling them to learn patterns and structures within the data, which makes it possible to create new examples that resemble the examples from the training. AI algorithms can create creative content.


Recently at a company-wide meeting, Mark Zuckerberg explained more about the company’s plans to bring generative AI technology to various Meta products.

He gave his employees a summary of how the company intends to incorporate generative AI into every product it makes. One of the proposed features involves introducing AI agents for popular apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

This concept has previously been mentioned by Zuckerberg himself. In particular, it details the recently discovered Instagram AI chatbot, which offers its users a choice of up to 30 different personalities.

Apart from that, as quoted by telset from GizmoChina, Meta is also working on the latest photo editing capabilities with generative AI for Instagram. This feature makes it easier for users to edit photos only through text commands and then share photos with followers on Instagram.

Not only that, another thing that Zuckerberg has hinted at is the creation of a post-editing tool after upload for Facebook, as well as for advertisers on this platform.


The schedule for the release of these various features is also still uncertain. However, Zuckerberg seems to really want AI technology to be implemented more quickly on Meta’s various platforms.

On the other hand, it is also not only for internal development, but Meta has organized a race to encourage its employees to generate innovative ideas for AI-powered features.

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