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5 Phishing Modes for the 2022 World Cup, No. 2 Most Tempting!


World Cup 2022 is the most awaited sporting event in 2022 by football fans. However, there is something to watch out for, especially regarding several criminal schemes phishing who took advantage of the 2022 World Cup moment.

The 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar, from 20 November 2022 to 18 December 2022. This 4th annual football sporting event will definitely attract public attention, especially football lovers.

Many people will try to find tickets to Qatar, in order to be able to watch the match at the World Cup first hand. On the other hand, not a few are just hunting merchandise themed on this biggest football event.

Unfortunately, the public’s enthusiasm for the 2022 World Cup is used by a number of parties to commit phishing or fraud crimes. Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has uncovered several types of phishing that are dangerous. Here are 5 phishing schemes related to the 2022 World Cup.


1. 2022 World Cup Ticket Scam

As with all major global sporting events, fake tickets are the most widely used bait to lure victims and the World Cup is no exception.

In addition, Qatar 2022 only offers digital tickets, which further increases the risk of encountering online dangers. Kaspersky experts found many phishing pages offering to buy tickets for FIFA matches.

An example of a phishing page is a ticket fraud site for the 2022 World Cup

Needless to say, the user will lose personal data, banking details,
and money. Then, online fraudsters can also use the stolen data for other purposes or sell it on the Dark Web.

2. World Cup Ticket Prizes

No major public event is without scammers using bogus prize schemes. Kaspersky experts also came across a phishing page offering to win two tickets to the World Cup.


World Cup 2022 Online Scams
A fraudulent site offering tickets to watch Pildun 2022 as prizes

This scheme is quite popular, and often appears at major events such as the 2022 World Cup. Later, those who receive prizes only need to pay for the shipping costs for the prizes, but actually the prizes will not be sent.

3. World Cup 2022 Merchandise

World Cup 2022

Another way to steal user data is through fake FIFA-related merchandise stores. At first glance, the offer of a favorite team’s T-shirt, a phone case with a popular player, or an autographed ball sounds good.

However, you have to be wary of those offers because they could be mods phishing which is detrimental.

It could be, you are only asked to enter personal data and transfer money to make a purchase, but the goods are never delivered. Precisely you can lose money because of these online scams.

4. Crypto and NFT Scams

World Cup 2022 phishing is also targeting crypto assets and NFT users. The mode is by offering to bet on matches and win cryptocurrencyothers to win NFT assets.

World Cup Phishing 2022
An example of a crypto scam related to the World Cup

For those who want to join, users only need to enter crypto wallet credentials,
so the crypto prize or NFT will be transferred instantly.

In fact the prize will not be obtained. Fraudsters just want to gain access to all savings up to the associated wallet data, in order to then steal other people’s crypto assets.

5. Selling fake airplane tickets

Apart from hunting for movie tickets, many people are trying to find plane tickets to Qatar. This is exploited by the perpetrators phishing by creating a fake site that seems to offer plane tickets to Qatar.

Kaspersky found the site phishing selling counterfeit tickets. At first glance, the site has an attractive appearance so that people believe that it is the original site.

Even though on closer inspection, there are spelling errors, newly registered domains, and limited site functionality. Then the user can only select Qatar in the list of destination countries.


World Cup Phishing 2022
Example of a phishing page offering to buy a plane ticket

Then, when the victim has determined their flight schedule is given the opportunity to enter personal data along with ID and credit card information. After that, the ticket was never given, however, user data was successfully retrieved hacker.

That was information about 5 phishing schemes or fraud for the 2022 World Cup which will take place in Qatar. Hopefully this information can make you more aware of the various types of cyber crimes that occur in cyberspace.

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