NYT Strands Hints, Spangram and Answers for May 2, 2024



Today, while the Strands were trying to throw me off, my brain somehow started working and threw me a line. It helped me figure it out in no time at all. But if you’re having some trouble getting through, take a look at the May 2nd NYT Strands tips and answers I’ve listed below!

What is the theme of today’s NYT Strands?

As revealed by the New York Times, the theme of today’s Strands “What’s my line?”.

May 2 NEW Strand's Theme

Spangram tip for today’s threads

Spoiler alert #1
Although we do our best to be subtle, the tips below may partially spoil the experience. You have been warned.

Every Strands game has that one Spangram that you have to decipher, and today’s was no exception. Hint for today’s Spangram is – “Animals with stripes on their bodies are called ____”.

Theme words Hints for today’s threads

If you have figured out the Spangram from the tips above, figuring out the theme words will be easy. I won’t spoil it for you though. Instead, here are three keyword tips to help you:

  • Tip #1: Big orange cat
  • Tip #2: Nemo’s species
  • Tip #3: A popular Autobot from Transformers

Spoiler alert #2
The next sections reveal the answers to today’s NYT Strands. So I would recommend not scrolling further if you are still solving the puzzle. But if you’re stuck, I suggest you scroll a bit to see the Spangram answer.

Spangram Answer for NYT Strands on May 2nd

The framework for today’s NYT Strand puzzle is STRIPEDand it runs from left to right on the letter grid.

Apart from Spangram, you must find 6 theme words in today’s puzzle. But if you’re having a hard time getting through Strands, check out some tips and tricks in my guide on how to play NYT Strands.

Anyway, with that said, let’s move on to the next section. However, proceed only if you are ready to check the theme words.

List of theme words for NYT Strands on May 2

If you’ve scrolled this far, you’re probably ready to see the answers. So let’s take a look at today’s theme word in Strands:

May 2 NEW Strands Løst

The theme of today’s Strands got me thinking dialogues, which made me wonder if it was all about the names of popular actors and actresses. Well, that was a wrong turn. But after finding TIGER, CHIPMUNK and ZEBRA in the lower part of the grids, I knew what it was all about. The theme talked about lines as in striped animals.

Guess what? STRIBE turned out to be the Spangram of the day. I ran right at the top and found KLOWNFISH. A little more searching gave me SKUNK and the last few grids produced BUMBLEBEE. That was the end of Strands for today, and I didn’t need to use any hints.

How did your Strands go? Did you have to use any tips or was it easy enough? Let me know in the comments below!

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