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Open AI Prepares ChatGPT-5, Released Late 2023


ChatGPT-4 was just released recently with the latest iteration of the Large Language Model (LLM), now it is rumored that ChatGPT-5 will likely be released by OpenAI in late 2023.

For information, ChatGPT was originally created with ChatGPT-3.5, this AI technology is able to provide quite complete answers on many things, which has made it popular and widely used by people.

After that, ChatGPT-4 is here to provide advantages over previous versions of ChatGPT to improve the experience of its users in finding the answers they want.


Reported The telephone from Gizmochina, the details surrounding GPT-5 are currently unclear, as the company has yet to publicly discuss the project. However, developer Sigi Chen through his Twitter account mentioned several people in the company that GPT-5 will achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Artificial General Intelligence is one of the important advancements in the development of AI technology that will create conditions in which machines can display human-like abilities, such as understanding and intelligence.

Chen later clarified that his tweet does not represent a decision within OpenAI. However, the potential for GPT-5 to surpass the capabilities of GPT-4 is very significant, considering that GPT-4 is already capable of analyzing text and images, performing complex tasks and displaying creativity.

Microsoft is currently using GPT-4 for the latest version of the Bing search engine, which was launched in a preview version earlier this year. In addition, the advanced capabilities of GPT-4 are already being used in a variety of other applications, such as Security Pilot also from Microsoft and it is possible that the capabilities of GPT-5 will be even more advanced.


On the other hand, there are still significant concerns about ChatGPT-5 reaching human-level intelligence and understanding. Meanwhile, several reports have recommended ChatGPT to take part in the Turing test, which evaluates a machine’s ability to exhibit human-like intelligent behavior, although experts dispute this.

Before ChatGPT-5 is released late 2023, it’s also possible that OpenAI will launch GPT-4.5 in September or October. Furthermore, this ChatGPT evolution is also an interesting AI development. [FY/HBS]

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