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Sales of children’s food at Tokopedia have increased almost 3 times

On the eve of National Children’s Day which falls on July 23 2023, Tokopedia provides information regarding sales of children’s books and food which have increased significantly in 2023.

National Children’s Day 2023 has one of the sub-themes, namely Creating a Safe Environment for Children. This aims to build parental care and awareness,
caregivers, teachers, the community, the business world, as well as the government, in an effort to fulfill the rights and create child protection.

There are 10 children’s rights, which are recognized internationally and nationally, and must be fulfilled. Two in
among them is the right to get food and the right to get an education.

In line with this, Tokopedia seeks to help parents pay attention to the selection of products that children need, such as food and books, in order to fulfill rights, protect and support children’s growth and development.


As for Tokopedia’s way for parents to fulfill their rights and protect their children, through Tokopedia Parents. A special page that provides a curated selection of products for children’s needs and guarantees the lowest price.

At the same time various attractive offers, such as cashback of up to IDR 500,000 and flash sales with discounts of up to 60%.

“Currently, there are 1.8 billion products registered on Tokopedia, including various products for children’s needs. To make it easier for parents to get curated products their children need, Tokopedia presents a special Tokopedia Parents page,” added Antonia.

Tokopedia Parents has been around for a long time, and on that page Tokopedia sees user shopping trends to meet the needs of their children. It was revealed that story books were one of the best-selling products at Tokopedia Parents.

“Activity books, children’s story books including fairy tales and fables and world knowledge books were recorded as some of the best-selling products in the Children’s Book product category at Tokopedia, throughout the second quarter of 2023,” said Tokopedia’s Corporate Affairs Lead, Antonia Adega.

Through a virtual press conference on Thursday (20/07/2023), it was also explained that parents are also looking for consumption for babies, with an increase in transactions of up to 3 times in the second quarter of this year.

“In the second quarter of 2023 compared to the second quarter of 2022, cereal, baby porridge and baby biscuits became the best-selling baby food products on Tokopedia, with an average transaction increase of 2 times. Overall, baby food products experienced an increase in transactions of almost 3 times,” added Antonia.


Several regions in Indonesia also experienced the highest increase in the number of transactions and sellers in the category of Mother and Child products, during the second quarter of 2023 compared to the second quarter of 2022, such as Medan, Palembang and Bandung.

“Thanks to collaboration with strategic partners, a number of areas have experienced an increase in transactions and sellers in the mother and child product category at Tokopedia,” concluded Antonia.

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