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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Rebirth Release Delayed Until Early 2024

At the time of the final Summer Game Fest 2023 announcement, it was revealed that the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Rebirth had been delayed until early 2024.

Continuing the story of the previous game series that was released in 2020, the main character Cloud, Aerith, and other team members will go beyond the Midgar region.

Interestingly, the trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake: Rebirth shows at a glance that the game will have a wider area for gamers to explore and the game will also take advantage of the strengths of the PS5.


The start of the trailer shows yet again the timeline as well as alternate events with the highway crash at the end of the previous series and showing injured party members being carried off by a helicopter, before returning to a familiar story rhythm to those who have followed the game.

After that, a flashback is shown with Tifa and Cloud’s reunion that takes place in the city of Kalm, where the two characters grew up, and more scenes of fighting Sephiroth who is famous for his hair.

The trailer shows that there is a new secondary antagonist character, namely Turkey, complete with supporting characters who are ready to fight 3 on 3 with the party chosen by gamers.

The highlight in the trailer is the battle which shows Cloud and his team members can collaborate with each other in their moves to increase damage to opponents.


This actually already exists in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC with the character Yuffie and her ally Sonan. In the trailer, you can see Yuffie and Red XIII who are talking dogs fighting with other members.

Unfortunately, from the information at the end of the trailer it’s clear that the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Rebirth has been delayed to early 2024. However, it is known that the game will be available exclusively on PS5 and will have 2 discs.

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