Recommendations for 10 Foods That Are Good to Eat at Night


After finishing your activities, your stomach usually starts to feel hungry, maybe because you haven’t eaten or are suddenly hungry again in the middle of the night. For those of you who don’t have the energy anymore to cook, you will usually choose to buy food out of the house.

Actually looking for dinner can be a tricky matter. Apart from thinking about the place and price, finding food that is easy to find is also a consideration in deciding which menu to eat.

Maybe you’re hungry but confused about what to buy for dinner tonight? Check out some of the delicious foods to eat at night below.

1. Mie Tek Tek

Food preparations made from noodles are always delicious! Starting from fried noodles, noodle soup, and other processed noodles such as tek tek noodles. Noodles are always suitable for dinner. Not only that, tek tek noodle sellers are quite easy to find at night for those of you who live in big cities.

This culinary originating from Bandung consists of two types of tek tek noodles, namely fried tek tek noodles and tek tek soup noodles. At first glance this noodle looks like me instantly However, the shape of the noodles uses yellow noodles which are quite thick and added with various vegetables such as cabbage, mustard greens, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Usually tek tek noodles use additional pieces of meatballs or chicken meat and hot chilies. Tek tek noodles have a savory and spicy taste because of the mixture of soy sauce, sauce and chili.

2. Fried Rice

Fried rice

Fried rice is one of the most popular evening meals because it is sold at night. Apart from being filling, the fried rice menu also has various types ranging from egg fried rice, seafood fried rice, goat fried rice, chicken fried rice and others.

Usually fried rice comes with pickles in the form of pieces of carrots, cucumber and cayenne pepper. Generally, roadside fried rice has quite a large portion. After eating fried rice, it is most enjoyable to drink warm plain tea so that the throat does not feel fiber after eating this rather oily food.

3. Egg Martabak

Egg martabak

Egg martabak which is mostly sold only at night is generally used as a snack. This martabak, which contains vegetables and chicken eggs, is complemented by black vinegar and pickles. The savory and slightly sour taste of the vinegar and pickles makes martabak a favorite.

Apart from being a snack, egg martabak can also be used as the main menu which is eaten with rice, you know! In fact, not a few Indonesians like to eat martabak with rice so that they are more full. In addition, processed egg martabak is even more modern, such as mozzarella egg martabak. Egg martabak is most suitable to be enjoyed with family at home.

4. Angkringan Rice

Angkringan Rice

This original Indonesian culinary is a culinary dish with a variety of food preparations. Angkringan is synonymous with Nasi Kucing, which is a small portion of rice served with a side dish and chili sauce.

Other menus that are usually available at the angkringan are various fried foods, quail egg satay, intestinal satay, tofu and tempeh bacem, and others. Angkringan stalls are also not difficult to find, apart from being a place to eat, they are also suitable as a place to gather while enjoying warm drinks with friends.

Nahfor those of you who are looking for dinner at pocket-friendly prices, stop by the angkringan in your city right away.

5. Sate


Do you often see satay vendors walking around at night? NahThis typical Indonesian food is indeed the most enjoyable to eat at night, especially when your stomach suddenly rumbles before midnight.

The food, which is served on skewers and grilled on wood, usually has several types of satay, such as chicken satay, goat satay and beef satay. Usually satay is enjoyed with white rice, but for those of you who are on a diet, you can still enjoy satay with rice cake.

Usually some satay sellers also sell beef soup, which will add to the pleasure of eating satay at night.

6. Fast Food

Fast food

Fast food restaurants are usually open 24 hours, so this food can be an alternative to satisfy hunger in the middle of the night. Fast food generally provides a variety of menus such as burgers, french fries, fried chicken, spaghetti, soda drinks, and others.

Fast food restaurants are often crowded at night because the service is quite fast and more practical. In addition, we can also order through drive thru without having to enter the restaurant. But remember, don’t overdo this food! Because fast food generally contains high cholesterol.

7. Seafood


Apart from angkringan and fried rice vendors, the only sellers who have just started opening their stalls at night are seafood stalls. You don’t have to go to a restaurant to enjoy delicious seafood at night, because you can find it easily on the sidewalks.

The types of seafood that are generally sold are squid, clams, green mussels, lobsters, crabs, and others. You can also choose the type of sauce available, starting from oyster sauce, padang sauce, and others.

For those of you who want to be fuller, seafood is usually enjoyed with white rice or uduk rice. Or it can also be eaten directly and enjoyed together.

8. Fried

Fried food

Snacks consisting of various types are indeed enjoyable to enjoy at night. Especially if the fritters are still warm. Usually the types of fried food consist of tofu, combro, tempeh, cireng, fried bananas, croquettes, and others. Aside from being a snack, fried foods are also suitable to be enjoyed with uduk rice and chili sauce.

Some fried sellers also provide buras or filled rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves. Eating fried foods is best enjoyed with warm fresh tea to make your throat fresher.

9. Chicken Porridge

Chicken porridge

If usually chicken porridge is eaten as a breakfast menu or eaten by people who are sick, it turns out that chicken porridge is also delicious to eat at night. We can find chicken porridge sellers at night in several big cities in Indonesia. This warm chicken porridge and its filling that makes your stomach fuller will satisfy your hunger at night.

Not even a few porridge sellers are open until past midnight you know! Chicken porridge is usually accompanied by shredded chicken, vegetables, peanuts, green onions or celery, boiled eggs, chicken satay and intestine satay.

Some chicken porridge use a little coconut milk sauce and some don’t use sauce. If you like spicy, add a few spoons of chili sauce that will whet your appetite.

10. Soto Betawi

soto Betawi

As the name implies, this typical Betawi soup or soto which is popular in Jakarta is perfect for filling the stomach at night. Even though it’s popular in Jakarta, you don’t need to go to Jakarta to enjoy it soto Betawi this is because there are also many who sell in other cities.

This soup has the texture of coconut milk creamy because it is added to the margarine mixture which melts when stirred with the soto sauce. This soup uses several parts of the cow, starting from the meat, brain, legs and other offal.

Coupled with chips, a sprinkling of green onions, and lime juice which will make it taste delicious and fresh. This soup is usually served with white rice or enjoyed with satay.

Are you confused anymore, what do you want to eat tonight? For those of you who have recommendations for good food to eat at night, please share with us in the comments column, OK?

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