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Telegram Stories Now Available for Premium Users

Telegram has finally released the Stories feature, but not all users can get it. Telegram Stories, which are similar to WhatsApp, only apply to premium or paid users.

Previously, CEO Pavel Durov explained that Stories would be available in July 2023. This promise was fulfilled by having Stories available on Telegam.

It’s just that Stories cannot be accessed by all users like those on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. But only available for premium users who have the advantage of accessing many features compared to regular users.

quoted The telephone from Engadget on Sunday (23/07/2023), Telegram Stories have a number of differences compared to WhatsApp Stories. For example, Telegram gives the option to share Stories with everyone, only contacts with exceptions, a select few contacts, or a list of close friends.

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Then Stories will support text, as well as photos and videos captured by the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

In contrast to WhatsApp Stories which can last 24 hours after being posted, users can set the duration of posting for 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours as desired. Stories can be displayed permanently on the profile, with individual privacy settings for each.

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Users who are interested in trying out the story feature on Telegram can subscribe to premium by spending as much as USD 4.99 or IDR 75,000 per month. Not yet known whether this feature will be available to all users. [NM/IF]

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