This is Stronghold Crusader Tips and Cheats Collection, Interesting RTS Game

Released in 2002, game Stronghold Crusader is still one of the most fun strategy games to play today. The reason is, game which tells about the war over the city of Jerusalem has been game which is cool and has a system source challenging

Games which uses a medieval setting in the Middle East. Right during the Crusades. Stronghold Crusader presents a variety of characters. Also, developers game it also presents a fairly good and amplifying audio sector game.

In this war game, you will find 4 game modes. The first is the main campaign mode. In this mode there are 50 mini-missions that can be played with increasing difficulty level each mission.

Then there is a historical campaign mode with 20 missions. In this mode, players will play using the background of the history of the crusades. For the third mode, there is a castle building mode. In this mode, you will build an empire on the map provided.

The last mode is the artificial scenario mode. In this mode, you will create your own map and fight with other kingdoms. In this mode, you can define enemies to define the map.

As game onlineThis Stronghold Crusader is indeed different game kind of In game In this case, there is a feature to help other players. You can help other players against other kingdoms. Or you can also ask other players to help you protect your kingdom from attacks by other kingdoms.

Behind the fun game However, unfortunately there are still some shortcomings. What stands out is the limitation of sending troops into battle. In addition, the graphics presented by game This RTS is considered as well outdated.

If you want to win every battle, you need to have a strategy and be good at managing your territory. If game it’s hard, you can try some Stronghold Crusader cheats below.

How to Use Stronghold Crusader Cheats

Games RTS is fun, but requires patience to be able to create a strong army and be able to rule the world. If you are impatient and want to quickly form a strong army, you can use it cheat Crusaders stronghold.

Interestingly, there is no such thing game online others are required to type the code, in cheat game To do this, you need to press several buttons at the same time. This button combination will give various effects such as adding money to kill enemies easily.

To activate cheat while playing gameyou just need to press a button CTRL on the keyboard, then type TRIBLADE2002. Do not release the CTRL key before finishing typing. Next, you just need to press the button designated as cheat.

Stronghold Crusader Cheats Using Buttons

tricked the crusaders of the stronghold-_

To be able to play game this, you only need a light computer, since the graphics and animations presented are still outdated. you can play game This is on all Windows operating systems, from Windows 98 to Windows 11.

For your computer you need a 500 MHz processor, 96 MB of RAM. HDD 660MB. 8x CD-ROM and 4MB DirectX 8.0. The specifications are quite light and comfortable. The following cheat Stronghold Crusader you can try:

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