This is the Difference between White and Orange Scott’s Emulsion


Having healthy, smart and cheerful children is the dream of every parent. In order for children to maintain their health, it is not uncommon for parents to provide other vitamin and mineral supplements to meet the nutritional needs of their baby. One of supplement which is often used is Scott’s Emulsion.

There are two types of Scott’s Emulsion that are sold in the market, namely white and orange Scott’s Emulsion. Both are supplements needed by children. What are the differences? In the following, we have summarized some of the differences so that parents can determine the choice of supplements needed for their baby. Let’s find out the explanation.

Overview of Scott Emulsion

Scott’s emulsion is a cod liver oil supplement that is usually given to children. This supplement has several benefits as a complement to the need for vitamin A and vitamin D. This supplement is made for children ranging from 1-12 years old.

Multivitamin supplements that are sold freely in the market that contain vitamins and minerals are very important for the nutritional needs of children’s development. One of the most important ingredients in Scott’s emulsion is cod liver oil which is rich in vitamin A and vitamin D.

Although cod liver oil is good for health, if consumed in excess it will actually damage health. Therefore, Scott’s Emulsion must be consumed according to the drinking rules written on the packaging box.

Uses of Scott Emulsion

In general, the supplement content in Scott’s Emulsion is useful for maintaining endurance, preventing vitamin D deficiency, overcoming nutritional disorders, preventing vitamin A deficiency and overcoming conditions of skin diseases and eye health problems.

Cod liver oil, which is predicted to be an important mainstay of this supplement, contains omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, DHA and EPA as well as vitamins A and D. The composition of these vitamins and minerals supports the development of the child’s brain and development.

In an article published on Healthline, cod liver oil has been used for hundreds of years to treat joint pain and rickets, a bone disorder that often affects children. Rickets is caused by a lack of vitamin D in the body.

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Some Differences Scott’s Emulsion White and Orange


When it comes to children’s supplements, we can’t seem to rule out Scott’s Emulsion products that have been trusted for more than 140 years. Reportedly this supplement occupies the top three positions market leader in the children’s vitamin category. No wonder if this one product is already so famous.

Reporting from the official website of the company that produces Scott Emulsion, this supplement presents two variants, namely Scott’s Emulsion original (white) and Scott’s Emulsion Vita (orange). The following details the differences between these two supplements.

1. Scott’s Emulsion Original (Putih)

You must remember when we were little our mother gave fish oil that didn’t taste good. Even though there are many benefits to swallowing fish oil capsules, it takes courage because the smell and taste of fish oil makes it difficult for us to swallow it.

Fortunately PT Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) created a supplement made from fish oil with a better taste that we know as Scott’s emulsion. The first Scott’s Emulsion that we know is the original variant, the difference from the orange (vita) Scott’s Emulsion variant can be seen from a number of things.

Scott’s White Emulsion is a daily intake that claims to be nutritious for children’s health. This supplement is in the form of a cod liver oil mixture which contains fatty acids and omega 3 and DHA and EPA, vitamins A and D.

Scott’s Emulsion original prioritizes DHA which is able to help the development of the brain to function properly and the development of the brain and eye health is maintained.

Meanwhile, the vitamins A and D included in Scott’s white Emulsion support normal immune function and healthy growth and development. In Scott’s Emulsion there is also calcium which is useful for the formation of bones and teeth.

Scott’s White Emulsion is also pre-emulsified which means the cod liver oil is broken down into tiny droplets that mix evenly throughout the formulation.

These small droplets in the form of emulsified oil are similar to how we naturally break down oil so that our body claims it becomes easier to digest the nutrients contained in this supplement.

By giving original Scott’s Emulsion to children, you can say that you have helped them grow healthy and smart.


White or original Scott’s Emulsion comes in a tube-shaped plastic bottle with a conical cap. The color of the bottle is clear so the color of the emulsion is clearly visible.

The white Scott’s Emulsion packaging consists of several types, starting from 200 ml and 400 ml packages. These supplements are sold in pharmacies and other drugstores.

2. Scott’s Emulsion Vita (Orange)

The next variant that makes taking fish oil supplements fun is Scott’s Emulsion vita (orange). This variant of Scott’s Emulsion is made by mixing citrus flavors and aromas so kids will love it.

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