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Competing with Instagram Stories, TikTok Has a Text Posting Feature

TikTok has a new feature, namely text posting, and the appearance of this feature is likely to be able to compete with a similar feature on Instagram, namely Stories.

The social media giant from China has just announced a text composition or text posting feature. As the name implies, this feature allows users to share stories, poems, lyrics, and other written content, giving them another way to express themselves in written form.

The tool set for posting text features on TikTok seems pretty simple. Just go to the app’s camera page and select “Text”. Next you can type whatever you want and choose the appropriate font and color.


To make it more interesting, you can also add voice, mark locations, activate comments, and even collaborate with other users through the Duet feature. The company says these text posts will be just as interactive and dynamic as video and photo posts.

quoted The telephone from Engadget on Tuesday (25/07/2023), you can also add background color, hashtags and of course put lots of stickers.

As with video and photo posts, you can save any text post as a draft for further editing or remove it entirely if you’re embarrassed to have it saved or published. This feature is gradually available to many users around the world.

It must be admitted that the TikTok text posting feature is very similar to the one on Instagram Stories. So it’s not surprising that there is an assumption that TikTok deliberately made this feature to compete with Instagram.

The difference is that Instagram can only last 24 hours after posting, on the TikTok application posts can last forever. It can also be seen by other users.


The phenomenon of features with similar functionality to features in other applications is not taboo. There are quite a number of social media or instant messaging applications, whose features are similar to one another.

Maybe it can not be separated from their competition to reach many users.

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