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5 Tips So Telegram Users Don’t Become Phishing Victims

Cybercrime in the form of phishing often appears on various social media platforms, including Telegram. For you Telegram users, there are some tips that you should know so you don’t become a victim of crime phishing.

Cybercrime or cybercrimes, mostly occurring in some form phishing. Through phishingfor hacker deceive users by sending emails or link in the hope that the victim will open it.

After that, they immediately took the user’s personal data including their banking data. This crime can stalk anyone, including users of the Telegram application.

Actually, Telegram provides features Secret Chats. Chat feature with technology end-to-end encryption to ensure that the contents of user chats cannot be accessed by anyone.

The latest update of Telegram also gives users the opportunity to delete everyone’s messages without a trace, installing features auto-delete timers on all chats and even create an account without a SIM card.

Telegram also launched a new Aggressive Anti-Spam mode which can be activated on groups with more than 200 members. This mode can automatically remove potential spam and suspicious content and minimize the risk of being caught phishing in group chats.


Tips To Avoid Crime Phishing

However, even with all these security enhancements, users should still be aware of tips to avoid attacks phishing.

Just like in the real world where people guard their belongings and avoid suspicious strangers, the same precautions need to be taken online. Here are 5 tips so you Telegram users don’t become victims phishing.

1. Activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication are steps you can take to protect your account. How to activate this feature on Telegram, is quite easy.

  • You open the menu Arrangement then open it Privacy and Security.
  • Next click Two-Step Verification under section Security.
  • Next, choose Set Password at the bottom of the screen, and on the next screen, create and enter a password as desired.

2. Use the Latest Version of the Web Browser Application

When using Telegram Web, make sure you are using the latest version of the browser. In general, browsers are equipped with features anti-phishing built-in to ensure the safety of every user.

3. Verify Website Security and Email Address

Crime phishing generally done via website, email, or chat. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the website you visit uses a certificate Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Getting this certificate means that all your communications and data are encrypted from browser to the server of the currently opened website so that it is more secure.

To find out if the website is using SSL, check if there is a padlock symbol on address bar and whether the URL starts with https which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

In addition, always verify the email and chat you receive by checking contact person or search for the company’s official email address.

4. Do Not Provide Personal Information to Unknown Sites

You are not encouraged to voluntarily provide any information, including your personal and financial data, unless you 100% trust the site you are visiting.

5. Use Different Passwords for All Accounts

Make sure you use different passwords for different accounts. If you use the same password, all of your accounts are at risk of being compromised at the slightest attempt phishing done successfully.


Using a different password for each website or app and changing your password regularly can help ensure the security of your data.

This is information about tips so that Telegram users avoid phishing crimes. Hopefully this is useful for maintaining the security of your data.

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