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10 Tips to Strengthen Cellphone Signals, Smooth Internet and Video Calls!


Losing signal when traveling long distances out of town is common for everyone. For that, you must know how to strengthen your cellphone signal so that communication remains smooth. We will give you tips.

Internet signals are undeniably very influential when you want to communicate via chat or video call. If the internet is weak and unstable then you will have difficulty communicating.

When the cellphone signal is weak, the internet quality will decrease until the sound and picture quality is disturbed when making calls or video call. Then how to overcome it?

Calm, will provide tips on strengthening the cellphone signal so that you can still surf the internet or video calls properly and smoothly. Come on, see the tips!


1. HP Battery Must Be Full

The first tip, charge your cellphone battery fully. The reason is, there are several cellphones that automatically change fake to “Economy Mode”, if battery power smartphone reduced or below 50%.

The result is that if “Economy Mode” is active, the HP’s performance will weaken, including the power to capture the internet network. For that, make sure your cellphone is fully charged so that the internet network remains smooth.

2. Restart HP

The easiest way to deal with a weak signal is to restart the cellphone. When you restart your cellphone, all device performance processes will start from the beginning, including the cellphone will automatically search for a new network.

Restarting is also useful for dealing with various problems such as application errors and other problems that occur on your smartphone, including signal problems with errors or slowness.

3. Check SIM Card

If you see that the smartphone’s signal indicator suddenly disappears or doesn’t appear, we recommend checking again that the SIM card section on your cellphone is properly installed in the slot or not.

Because the installation is not correct, it can cause the SIM card to not be detected and result in signal interference. If the problem is with the first SIM tray, you can move the SIM card to the second SIM card slot.

4. Find an Open Place

Strengthen HP Signal

The second tip, find an open place. In open places such as the courtyard, living room or second floor of the house, your smartphone will more easily receive a stronger internet network.

This is because the walls, which are mostly made of concrete, block the internet network, so it will be difficult for you to get a maximum signal when you are indoors.

5. Updating the Operating System

Strengthen HP Signal

The third tip, update the Smartphone Operating System. For Android and iOS users it is very important to update the Operating System regularly. The goal, apart from making smartphones more secure, can also strengthen the ability of smartphones to receive networks so that the internet signal gets stronger.

6. Remove the HP Casing

Strengthens Smartphone Signals

The next tip for strengthening the cellphone signal is to let go casing smartphone. Product smartphone currently making the antea area on the outside of the smartphone.

Unfortunately the outside is sometimes obstructed by casing smartphone specifically casing which has a dense thickness. To strengthen the internet signal or the smartphone’s ability to receive internet signals, so you can do it video call smoothly.

7. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Internet smartphone

You can strengthen the cellphone signal by activating and then deactivating Flying Mode or Airplane Mode. These tips are intended so that when smartphone turn on Airplane Mode and then stop the mode, the HP will reset the internet network.

As a result, the internet signal can be faster and video call with family and colleagues can run smoothly. For those who don’t know, here’s how to do it:

  • First swipe the smartphone screen from top to bottom and look for Airplane Mode. If it’s not on the notification screen you can access it via the settings page.
  • How, choose Settings then Connections and select Airplane Mode. This mode usually takes the form of an airplane and you can press either mode to activate it.

Airplane Mode

  • Wait 5 to 10 seconds then deactivate the mode. If this method is not effective, you can turn off your smartphone then pause 5 to 10 seconds then activate the smartphone.

8. Locking the Internet Network

4G network

Locking the internet network can speed up the internet signal. Your network lock is in 4G mode with the aim that your internet network is at the best performance and remains strong. Here’s how to lock your internet network.

  • First is select Settings, then click > Connections or Connections and select > Mobile Networks or Mobile Network.
  • Both choose Network Mode or Network Mode to LTE/3G/2G mode. Select this mode and your internet network will automatically be locked on 2G to 4G networks.


mobile internet

9. Turn Off Unnecessary Services

how to strengthen cellphone internet signal

Next is to turn off unneeded services such as Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC. The reason is if these services remain active even though they are not used, then it is feared that they can affect the smartphone to receive internet signals.

10. Install a Signal Booster Application

Next, to solve the problem of a weak cellphone signal, you can use the HP signal booster application, which can be downloaded on the Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iPhone.

The signal booster application is useful for increasing the internet network on cellphones to be more stable. You can download some of these signal booster application recommendations.

Those are some tips for speeding up the signal on your smartphone, so you can avoid a slow signal that interferes with mobility, good luck! [NM/HBS]

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