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TSMC to Launch More Powerful Chipset Than 3nm Process

TSMC is currently preparing to manufacture chipset new with much stronger performance compared to chipset 3nm process technology.

As is known, some time ago it was reported that TSMC was not getting satisfactory production results from the 3nm process node, which seems to make the company prepare to make chips that are much more powerful.

This Taiwanese chip maker is stuck at 55%, on the other hand Samsung seems to have managed to get results of up to 60%. However, TSMC appears to be planning a return to manufacturing new chips, as an executive has confirmed a more robust 3nm process is in development.


TSMC has started the production process of 3nm chips at the end of last year, and this chip has been much anticipated by large companies. Meanwhile, there are reports suggesting Apple’s A17 and M2 chips will be based on the new processors. However, it doesn’t seem to be based on TSMC’s chip due to poor results.

However, the company is working on a more powerful version of its 3nm process technology, according to an ITHome report. Luo Zhenqiu, general manager of TSMC, made the announcement at the 2023 World Semiconductor Conference in Nanjing.

Luo explained that TSMC is preparing to launch new process nodes since it started mass production of 3nm chips in the fourth quarter of last year. This new process node is expected to offer significant performance over the 3nm process.

In addition, TSMC Executives noted that the global semiconductor industry is currently worth between $500 billion and $600 billion. The industry is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2030.


In detail, Luo emphasized that the market distribution is estimated to consist of high-power computing products will reach 40%, mobile computing (mobile phones) will be at 30%, high-growth industries will represent 15%, and various smart devices will account for 10% of the market.

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