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Getting Smarter, Telkomsel Veronika is Now Supported by ChatGPT

Telkomsel is strengthening Veronika’s service with ChatGPT, thus making the chabot smarter and more responsive in answering questions from customers.

Based on the official statement received on Saturday (07/22/2023), Telkomsel has also strengthened its customer service line through the MyTelkomsel digital application.

The latest version of MyTelkomsel 7.0.0 is now fresher, cleaner and futuristic with a package search feature, usage transparency, the latest loyalty program, and Veronika virtual human interaction.

The new face of Veronika Telkomsel’s customer service is supported by Azure OpenAI ChatGPT from Microsoft to provide a more comfortable and personal service experience for customers.

Telkomsel Sales Director Adiwinahyu B. Sigit explained that with the ChatGPT technology at Veronika, this Telkomsel chabot is getting smarter in providing information to customers.


“In presenting the newest Veronika, we are collaborating with OpenAi as the ChatGPT developer. We strengthen Veronika’s service so that customers can find it easy regarding products and services, because Veronika can be more humane and offer information that makes it easier for customers,” Sigit explained.

Veronika can be accessed on several platforms owned by Telkomsel, such as social media, web, and the MyTelkomsel application. This chatbot also exists on Instagram through the account @hai.veronika, where users can follow Veronika’s personal life as a virtual influencer.

Instagram account @hai.veronika which already has thousands of followers

In addition, there are also many other interesting features that make it easier for customers to access various Telkomsel products and services, including IndiHome. On the design side, Telkomsel is also developing to provide a seamless transaction and exploration experience on the MyTelkomsel Application.

With just one MyTelkomsel Application as a one-stop digital solution, customers can access all of Telkomsel’s superior broadband products and services. The MyTelkomsel application can also be downloaded easily at


The announcement regarding the latest version of Veronika and MyTelkomsel was made simultaneously with the launch of Telkomsel One. Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) product, which combines fixed internet services with cellular internet.

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