Want to Survive? Use This Forest Cheat Code on PC and PS4

these few years, game PC with theme survival popular yet played. One of the interesting survival games is The Forest.

Games made by Endnight Games tells an exciting adventure exploring the forest. In game In this game you will play the role of a passenger who survived a plane crash. Here you are told stranded in an unknown forest.

Well, in this game you have to find a way out to get back to the city. You will have capital ax.

With the available capital, you will be asked to collect various materials to survive; like cutting down a tree to build a house. This ax also serves as a weapon when the enemy attacks.

Your attempt to survive will not be easy. Various horrors you will encounter, starting from wild animal attacks, extreme weather that comes suddenly, and the presence of mysterious creatures that endanger your life.

Interesting in game this, despite presenting pretty good graphics, game it turns out that it can be played on mid-range PC and laptop specifications. Playable computer specs game These are, Windows 7 OS, Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz Processor, 4 GB RAM Memory, NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT Graphics, DirectX Version 9.0 and 5 GB storage memory.

Besides game and very attractive graphics, game The forest turns out to have several cheat which will make it more fun to play. Moreover, in game this is already available console, where you can type code cheat Forest. So, this time the Caris Signal team will check a few things cheat The Forest is a PC version and a PS4 version.

Cheat The Forest on PC

Be aware, game survival it’s here for PC and PS4 consoles. However, mostly game player play The Forest more often on PC via Steam. To use cheat Forest, you must know how to enter the code. Here’s how:

  • To display the console where to enter the code, you just press Z tombola. To turn the code on and off press F1.
  • To view the console and status logs, press the X buttonor F2 button to activate or deactivate.
  • To display your statistics press C buttonand to turn on and off press F3 button.
  • use up and down direction buttons to browse previous instructions, right and left direction buttons to change the order.

Collection of The Forest Cheat Codes PC version

children of the forest_

After discussing how to code the application cheatCaris signals team wants to share code cheat game Jungle for PC. Here is the list:

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