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WhatsApp will be able to send messages to unsaved numbers

WhatsApp will have a feature to send or send messages to unsaved numbers, making it easier for users to communicate with other users.

According to the WA Beta Info report, users always experience certain limitations when trying to start a chat with someone on WhatsApp because they have to save their number before they can send messages or private chats.

Even if they could, they would have to use a third-party application, whose safety cannot be ensured. However, in the future WhatsApp users will be able to start a conversation without saving the contact to their address book because WhatsApp is developing a special feature for that.

quoted The telephone from Engadget on Friday (21/07/2023), users can access this new feature in the same way as starting any message. Click on the new message button on the home screen which is positioned at the top right for Apple devices, bottom right for Android devices then type the number in the search bar.


The number will appear under the category “Not in your contacts” or “Not in your contacts” which means the number is not in your contacts. Then to the right of the person’s number and profile photo there is an option to click on “chat” or “chat” which takes the user directly into the conversation with them.

The feature display sends WhatsApp messages without having to save the number

This feature is still in the development stage, alias in the WhatsApp Beta application for Android and iOS. Not yet known when it will be released to all users.

Previously, the beta version of WhatsApp had also made two significant improvements to the functionality of the avatar feature on Android and iOS OS-based devices.


Its first improvement is that this messaging app allows users to automatically create their avatar by simply taking a photo in person. Meanwhile, the second improvement includes expanding the collection of avatars available to its users.

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